9 Things - Determine Your "Why"

Part 1 of a 3 Part Series

Tell me something about yourself that's not in your resume
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Let's face reality: There is NO secret to success in sales, business or life for that matter. What works for one person may or may not work for someone else and that one thing that a person claims to have been their critical "thing" was most certainly just one of a thousand things.

So much time and energy have been wasted by people in sales looking for the magic bullet, the "secret" that would guarantee success, skyrocket their income and launch them to the top of their industry.

That "one" thing does not exist.

One of Many

The truth is that while you may find something that makes all the difference for you in your sales career, a single action/decision/thought will never be a "single" thing. Success in sales is never guaranteed and always comes as a result of doing many of the right things. You, as a sales professional, will be much better off focusing on doing plenty of time tested and proven things rather than continuing a desperate search for an absent secret.

A Simple Formula

So what are the things every sales person can do to move them forward in their pursuit of success? A solid foundation that many of the most successful in sales have used is the 3 times 3 formula. In its essence, the 3 times 3 challenges you to think more deeply about specific action items and tactics that you think will improve a particular area of your business and then offers a method to hold yourself accountable for the decisions and promises you made to yourself during the 3 times 3 process.

However, the 3 times 3 process, like any other life or business improvement method, will fall short if you lack the critical foundation of passion.


Life Coach, Best Selling Author and Personal Development Guru Anthony Robbins says that if "you have a big enough 'why' then the 'how' is easy." What he means by this is that if you are highly motivated, inspired or driven to achieve something, figuring out how to accomplish your goal is a lot easier.

Think about something big that you've accomplished in your life. More than likely, you started the process of achievement by making a decision, out of either inspiration or desperation, to reach your goal. Your initial passion or desire was powerful enough to give you enough of a "why" to carry you through the days when your motivation waned. Your reason to achieve was too powerful to allow yourself the perceived luxury of failure.

In other words, your "why" was so great that the tactics and strategy you used to reach your goal were of secondary importance.

It Starts With Clarity

Before you begin on your path towards greater success in your sales career, you need to be crystal clear on why you want to enjoy greater success in your sales career. In fact, you need to get to the emotional point when being successful stops being a want and becomes a must!

Ask yourself these questions to develop your clear "why."

  1. What will I have in my life once I achieve my goal?
  2. How much better will my life be once I hit my target?
  3. What will I lose out on if I fail or give up?
  4. What areas of my life will be improved?
  5. What are the top 3 things that I will gain once I reach my goal?

Your list of questions may be different.

Your list may be much longer, or you may only need one question to create a "why" so big and inspirational that your success is just a matter of time. Do whatever it takes to get you to the point where failure is simply not an option, and your desire to achieve success is so powerful that it gets you up in the morning and keeps you working towards your goal deep into the night.

If you lack a big enough "why" the 3 times 3 formula will produce results far removed from the level of success you could enjoy.

Now that you know your "Why" let's discover the how.