Describe Your Most Rewarding College Experience

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When you are applying for an entry level position a typical job interview question is "Describe your most rewarding college experience."

Here are sample interview answers which you can edit to fit your personal experiences and background:

  • During my senior year, I volunteered to be a tutor at my college's writing center. We offered free help to all students on every facet of writing. It was such a rewarding experience to see students who came to us stressed, anxious, or out of ideas, leaving the center feeling relieved and, even better, more confident in themselves as writers.
  • My most rewarding college experience occurred even before I arrived on campus as a freshman. Two weeks prior to orientation day, the college offered an "outward bound" program that first year students could participate in. During those two weeks, I overcame fears, made life long friends, and gained the self-confidence I needed to start my college journey.
  • Getting my diploma was my most rewarding college experience. I chose my college because it was a school that was going to give me a great education, but I was challenged everyday by my courses, and I worked very hard to earn my degree. I have never felt as proud as I did at my college graduation.

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