Department of Labor Employment Services

Job Referrals, Training, and Other Employment Services

Visit the New York Department of Labor web site and you will find a variety of employment services including a schedule of upcoming job fairs, a database of jobs, career resources, civil service employment, unemployment information, apprenticeships, and a directory of Employment Services Offices where career-related assistance is available.

WorkSource Washington's service include an Internet Career Counselor discussion board.

Job seekers will also find local offices with computers, copiers, telephones and faxes they can use to help with their job search. Other job services include classes on how to get and keep a job, internet access to jobs, job and placement, and referral to training and community resources.

California's Employment Development Department offers job placement and referrals as well as job services and training assistance. The Intensive Services Program, for example, is a special employment program. A Case Manager provides employment services like referrals to job openings, contacting employers to develop job openings, and referrals to supportive services for individuals have a difficult time find a job.

Employment Services

Similar employment services, both online and in-person are offered by the Department of Labor in every state. Enter your address and zip code into America's Service Locator and you'll get a list of the closest job services ranging from One-Stop Career Centers to child care providers and transportation.

Driving directions are also available. Workers who need jobs, additional skills, or related workforce information can also get information via phone by calling 1-877-US-2JOBS.

The AFL-CIO has information that is relevant for all workers (not just union workers) who have lost their jobs. There is information on where and how to get assistance as well as unemployment survival brochure (When the Paycheck Stops) that you can download.

US Department of Labor

The United States Department of Labor is an excellent resource as well. There's information on wage and salary statistics and standards, employment law, pensions, welfare to work, and other federal programs.

Remember, our tax dollars pay for all the services offered by our state and local communities, so, it makes good sense to take advantage of the help they provide to job seekers.