Department of Homeland Security Careers

There Are Plenty of Criminology Career Choices Available at DHS

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Many people who enter careers in policing hope to one day land a job with the United States Federal Government. Often, federal law enforcement careers come with higher pay and better benefits than many other agencies can provide. Fortunately, there are quite a number of federal agencies that employ police and investigators, meaning there is ample opportunity for the well-qualified candidate.

Jobs at the Department of Homeland Security

One of the largest employers of federal law enforcement agents and officers is the Department of Homeland Security, which includes U.S. Border Patrol agents, Homeland Security Investigators and ICE Agents, the United States Secret Service, members of the Transportation Security Administration and Federal Protective Services officers.

The Office of Homeland Security was created in 2001, immediately following the terrorist attacks of September 11. Just over a year later, in late 2002, the Department of Homeland Security was established by Congress and consolidated most federal agencies whose missions were related to domestic security. In addition to the several law enforcement functions, DHS also took over the United States Coast Guard and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

DHS plays a diverse and vital role in providing security and protective services to the nation's borders, infrastructure and leaders. For those of you hoping to earn a good living while helping to serve and protect the country's interests on the home front, you may be interested in one of these homeland security careers:

United States Border Patrol Agents

U.S. Border Patrol agents have historically been associated with enforcing the nation's immigration laws by preventing unauthorized entry into the country.

Since 9/11, their mission has expanded and evolved to include counterterrorism efforts by helping to keep would-be terrorists out.

United States Secret Service Agents

Though most of their work is done behind the scenes, they are perhaps one of the most visible law enforcement entities within the federal government.

Secret service agents serve in dual roles and are tasked with rooting out financial fraud and counterfeiting as well as providing protection to the nation's highest ranking officials and visiting dignitaries. Secret service agents are probably most famous for protecting the President of the United States and his family, but they also perform extensive investigative functions.

United States Secret Service Police Officers

Secret Service police officers are the uniformed branch of the U.S. Secret Service. They provide uniformed law enforcement support to special agents and augment the president's security detail when he travels. Uniformed secret service police provide the bulk of security in and around the White House, the vice president's residence and the Department of the Treasury.

Transportation Security

The Transportation Security Administration helps to ensure the security of travelers around the country. The TSA employs airport security guards, railway inspectors, and the Federal Air Marshals service. Transportation security personnel work to make all forms of public transportation and transit safe.

Federal Protective Services

Comprised of more than 900 law enforcement officers and hundreds more support personnel, the Federal Protective Services is responsible for ensuring the security of federal buildings and other special sites.

Protective services officers provide extensive security assessments of federal facilities and general policing services in and around federal property.

ICE Agents and Homeland Security Investigators

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents and homeland security investigators help keep contraband such as drugs, dangerous plants and weapons from entering the United States. They conduct undercover operations and investigations and work toward thwarting terrorism and curbing illegal immigration and human trafficking.

Great Opportunities for Great Careers

The Department of Homeland Security offers lots of opportunities to work in a variety of law enforcement environments and occupations. Whether you are interested in patrol, security, investigations or protection, chances are you can find the perfect criminology career for you at DHS.