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Is Delta Dental Insurance right for you?

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Delta Dental

Delta Dental

Our Take

Coverage from Delta Dental is considered the gold standard for dental insurance. The company has been providing insurance since 1954 and offers both PPO and HMO plans. With consistently high ratings for financial stability and more than 155,000 participating dentists across the country, Delta Dental should be one of the first companies you consider for dental coverage.

  • Pros and Cons
  • Key Takeaways
Pros and Cons
  • Manage claims online

  • Financially sound

  • Preventive care

  • Discount plan option

  • Budget-friendly plans available

  • All coverage options are not available in every state

Key Takeaways
  • Delta offers coverage in all 50 states as well as Washington, Puerto Rico, and other U.S. territories 
  • Delta is in the top 125 health and accident insurance groups nationally 
  • Delta Dental has a variety of BBB ratings some of them quite low
  • Delta offers extra perks to promote health and wellness and education for children about dental hygiene 
  • Delta offers multiple plans to treat dental issues and provide preventative care

Delta Dental Insurance dates back to 1954 when it first began building out dental insurance programs for employees on the West Coast. It now claims to be the nation’s leading benefits provider in the United States with over 155,000 dentists participating in its large national network and many plans also providing out-of-network dental coverage. Preferred-Provider Organization (PPO) plans are available along with a Health Maintenance (HMO) plan that might be an affordable alternative for families on a budget.

Where Does Delta Dental Provide Coverage?

Coverage is offered to all 50 states as well as Washington, Puerto Rico, and other U.S. territories, through its national network of Delta Dental companies. Delta Dental Plans Association has 39 independent member companies across the U.S. One of the member companies is named “Delta Dental Insurance Company,” but there are 38 others to represent the full system. 

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) 2020 Market Share Report lists several Delta Dental member companies in the top 125 accident and health insurance groups by state and across the country. A few that made the list include:

  • Delta Dental of California: Ranked No. 78 in the U.S. and No. 20 in California, with over $2 billion in direct written premiums
  • Delta Dental of Arizona: Ranked No. 13 in the state of Arizona with over $98 million in direct written premiums
  • Delta Dental of Colorado: Ranked No. 10 in the state of Colorado with over $167 million in direct written premiums
  • Delta Dental of New Jersey: Ranked No. 27 in the state of Connecticut (it covers New Jersey and Connecticut) with over $22 million in direct written premiums

Delta Dental Products and Services

Several customizable dental insurance plans are available. Many of the plans list the fees per procedure, which makes it easy to budget for dental expenses. There are also plans for small and large businesses alike. Delta Dental plans include PPOs, HMOs (prepaid plans), fee-for-service plans, and discount plans.

Delta Dental also contracts with state, federal, and local agencies to provide group-sponsored coverage including:

  • AARP Dental Insurance Plan
  • TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (for Uniformed Service retirees and family members)
  • Veterans Affairs Dental Insurance Program (for veterans and CHAMPVA beneficiaries)
  • Federal Employee Dental and Vision Insurance Program
  • U.S. Public Health Service Active Duty Dental Program
  • Denti-Cal
  • Central California Alliance for Health
  • Partnership Health Plan of CA
  • San Mateo Healthy Kids
  • Marketplace and Exchange Plans

Delta Dental’s mobile app is available in both the Apple and Google Play App Stores. Members can use it to find a dentist in their area, estimate costs for services, access their membership ID cards, check the status of their claims, and more.

Delta Dental Insurance Plans

Delta Dental PPO: Access to network of dentists who accept reduced fees, provides the lowest out-of-pocket costs

Delta Dental Premier: Fee-for-service plan that offers largest network of dentists, only pay your co-pay and deductible

Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier: Combines PPO and Premier networks, receive the benefit of that dentist’s contracted fee even if out of network

DeltaCare USA (HMO): Pay minimal or no co-pay for preventive care, choose provider from a network of dentists

Delta Dental Patient Direct: Choose dentist from participating network that charges discounted fees, pay dentist directly with no paperwork to file

  Delta Dental PPO Delta Dental Premier Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier DeltaCare USA (HMO) Delta Dental Patient Direct
For Individual or Business Both Both Both Both Both
Annual Max Yes Yes Yes No No
Deductible Yes Yes Yes No No
Co-payment Yes Yes Yes Yes Not applicable

Delta Dental also offers DeltaVision, which is the company’s vision plan that provides pre-negotiated discounts for eye exams, contact lenses, glasses, or laser vision correction. It may be purchased separately or as a part of your dental plan.

Delta Dental also has several extra perks available to policyholders to help every member of the family with dental wellness, such as SmileWay, which offers fun oral health activities, information, and tools for the whole family. There’s also Grin!, an e-magazine with updates and tips for dental health. And MySmileKids offers education materials for teachers and children, including stories, games, and tips.

How Much Does Delta Dental Insurance Cost?

Delta Dental plan premiums vary by state and plan. According to its website, the plans rank from least to most expensive as follows:

  • DeltaCare USA (HMO)
  • Delta Dental Patient Direct
  • Delta Dental PPO
  • Delta Dental Premier
  • Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier

How Does It Compare to Other Dental Insurers?

We compared the cost of Delta Dental’s Bronze Plan against Humana’s Preventive Value PPO plan to see which one offers the better deal for the same family of four. We found Delta Dental to be slightly less expensive and with a lower annual deductible. However, we did like Humana’s unlimited annual maximum benefit.

  Delta Dental Bronze Plan Humana Preventive Value PPO
Annual Deductible $25 per person, per benefit year for all services $50 individual lifetime/$50 per person with a $150 limit per policy lifetime
Annual Maximum Benefit $500 Unlimited
Waiting Period May apply None
Office Visit Co-pay None None

Is Delta Dental Right for You?

Delta Dental offers comprehensive and flexible plans for individuals and families. For families on a budget, the DeltaCare USA (HMO) plan offers low monthly premiums, no annual maximum, and no deductible covering preventive services like cleanings and exams. For families who need more complete coverage, the Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier offers a more extensive choice of dentists, covers preventive services including cleaning and exams, as well as more extensive dental procedures such as root canals, crowns, and more. 

Delta Dental Ratings and User Reviews

Since Delta Dental is made up of 39 independent member companies across the U.S., you must search the Better Business Bureau’s website by location and individual member company in order to see its BBB rating. BBB ratings for a few of the member companies are as follows:

  • Delta Dental of New Jersey: A+, not BBB accredited
  • Delta Dental of Illinois: A+, BBB accredited since 2018
  • Delta Dental of Arkansas: A+, BBB accredited since 2018
  • Delta Dental of California: F, not BBB accredited

Consumer Affairs lists over 400 user ratings and reviews for Delta Dental with almost 3.7 out of 5 stars for overall satisfaction. A sampling of complaints includes denial of claims for out-of-network providers and billing errors for premiums owed.

AM Best
gives “A” or “A-” Excellent financial strength ratings to several Delta Dental groups. Not all Delta Dental Groups are rated by A.M. Best.

Final Verdict

Delta Dental provides nationwide coverage through its 39 independent member companies across the U.S. It has flexible plan options from basic to broad dental coverage, and even offers vision coverage. The company has excellent financial strength ratings and offers beneficial policy perks for members. It has a broad range of coverage plans that may fit the needs of most families seeking dental coverage.

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