Free Debt Summary Worksheet

One of the most important steps in paying off your debt - or in simply getting your finances in order - is making a list of all your debts. Your debt list should include balance and payment information about each of your debts. Use your recent billing statements, credit reports, and your memory to make the list of debts.

Debt Summary Worksheet for Organizing and Prioritzing

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Once you've listed all your debts, you can assign a priority to each account based on which you want to pay off first. You may want to pay off your debts based on the highest interest rate or the lowest balance. Or, you may want to pay off a certain type of account first, like credit cards or student loans.

Page one of the Debt Summary Worksheet provides space to list your debts according to the type of debt - home loans, vehicle loans, installment loans, credit cards, and debt collections. Page two provides space for additional credit cards and debt collection accounts.

Debt Summary Worksheet for Organizing and Prioritizing Debts

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Once you've listed your debts on pages one and two of the Debt Summary Worksheet, you can use page three to rewrite all your debts in order of priority. That way, you have a clear idea of the order you're going to pay off your debts. You may need to make more than one copy of page three if you have lots of accounts.

Six Printable Debt Summary Worksheet PDFs

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You can choose from five different patterns of the Debt Summary Worksheet. There's a black and white, patternless version as well.