Daydream Yourself to Sales Success

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Have your head in the clouds from time to time? Spending a little time each day imagining how you'd like your life to be can be a very good thing and can be a very good thing for your sales career.

The Power of Visualization

Whether you are a fan of the Power of Attraction or not, the power of visualization is more widely accepted and practiced. Several well known and highly successful professional athletes will publicly and proudly tout the advantages of visualization.

The amazing Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps (and no, Michael Phelps is not a relative of this author) has practiced visualization for the majority of his swimming career.

Phelps has said in several interviews that he considers his consistent use of visualization as one of his secrets to his amazing success. And he is far from alone in this belief. Golfing great Tiger Woods visualizes before each swing he takes, and talk show host and entrepreneur Oprah Winfrey has sung the praises of visualizing success countless times on her talk show.

See Yourself as Unstoppable

While you may argue against visualization having any ability to affect the outside world, few would argue against its ability to improve a person's attitude and to raise someone's confidence level. If you spent 10 minutes each morning seeing yourself as unstoppable, wouldn't you agree that you would start your day in a more powerful mental state?

Most people spend their days worrying about what might happen or fearing about not being able to do whatever it is they need to do as well as expected. If instead of worrying, people consciously decided to empower themselves with positive, life enhancing thoughts, their lives would be transformed.

Base Your Visualizations in Reality

As important as it is to see yourself at your absolute best while visualizing, it is also important that what you visualize is based in reality.

For example, if Michael Phelps visualized him winning every race by an entire pool length, his mind would give him some push-back. Why? Because he knows, deep in his mind that while he is capable of winning, beating his competitors by such a huge margin is not realistic.

When it comes to sales professionals, who use visualization to increase their selling performance, imagining that they close every sale and that every customer agrees fully with everything they say is not realistic. While it may be realistic to win every sale, expecting every sale to be smooth sailing is not. If sales was easy, everyone would be doing it!

How to Visualize

There is no secret formula to effective visualization though many books have been written on how to visualize. The best way for you is going to be unique to you. A typical visualization exercise is as follows:

  1. Relax - Trying to visualize success when you are running a million miles per minute is like herding cats. Go to a quiet area, sit down, concentrate on breathing deep and let your mind and body relax for a few minutes
  2. Decide - The biggest obstacle that many have when trying to visualize is their lack of knowing exactly what they want. Get clear about a specific "want" or desired outcome.
  1. See Yourself - Let's say you have to give a presentation and want to shine. Visualize yourself from a third person's point of view delivering a powerful presentation. Visualize positive reactions from those in attendance and feel positive energy coming from the room
  2. See it From Your Point of View - Once you get a good feeling of the positive energy, switch your visualization so that you are imaging what you are feeling, seeing and saying in your visualized scenario. Doing so allows you to feel the powerful and positive impact on you performing at your best.