Cut My Pic! Review

Screenshot of a tree being edited with Cut My Pic!

Cut My Pic! is a very simple online photo editor. There aren't advanced settings and there aren't even that many basic options, but of what you're given, it's very helpful for making simple changes quickly.

Opening & Saving Images With Cut My Pic!

Unlike some online image editors that let you import a photo from a URL or cloud storage service, Cut My Pic! simply allows uploads from your computer.

When finished editing, you can save the image back to your computer, email it to someone, or share it on Facebook or Twitter.


  • Includes basic tools
  • Very simple to use
  • Has sharing options


  • Must manually preview the image after each edit
  • Doesn't include very many tools
  • Cropping an image can be difficult

More About Cut My Pic!

  • One of several special effects can be applied to create a whole new image in as little as one click
  • There are four corner options so you can round the corners of the picture with ease
  • A shadow can be created around the photo to make it have the appearance of being raised off the canvas, with the transparency settings adjustable
  • The contrast can be increased or decreased
  • A reflection can be applied to the bottom of the picture
  • You can also sharpen and de-noise an image

My Thoughts on Cut My Pic!

I say above that you must manually click PREVIEW after you edit the image. This is because, unlike most other online editors, the preview image doesn't show up automatically. It's not a huge problem, but it can get annoying as you make edits because you have to keep clicking the button.

Something else I don't like is that the crop tool doesn't let you enter the pixels you want to resize it to, but instead you must click and drag the corners of the tool to adjust the size, which means getting a precise crop isn't as easy as it is with other online editors.

Other online photo editors that let you apply effects to an image will normally let you apply more than one effect at once.

Cut My Pic!, however, lets you apply just one effect, which is unfortunate. To apply more, you must save the image and then upload it again, which is certainly an unnecessary hassle.

With the above being said, I still think Cut My Pic! is a good photo editor because of how simple it is to use. If you need to make just a few simple changes or even just crop something out of a picture, it's a good resource.