Customer Service Resume Example with a Profile

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There are many different formats and types of resumes to use, and which you choose can depend on a number of factors. The kind of jobs you are applying to, your level of experience, and what skills you have that set you apart from the typical candidate will influence how you put your resume together.

The following is an example of a resume with a profile for a customer service job. What's a profile?

 A resume profile concisely describes your skills, demonstrating what makes you a strong candidate for a particular position. This resume also includes sections on experience, education, certifications, and languages.

Why Include a Resume Profile

Because the job market is so competitive, it’s important to make every contact with your potential employer stand out in a positive way. Most often, the first impression you make with the hiring manager is through your resume. Hiring managers may need to evaluate hundreds of resumes for each open position, and including a resume profile can be just what you need to get the call for a first interview.

Including a profile as the first section of your resume gives you an excellent opportunity to grab the attention of the hiring manager, and highlight the skills, experiences, and awards that make you the ideal candidate for the position. It’s your first opportunity to make them want to learn more about what you can add to their company.

How to Write a Resume Profile

Your profile should be several sentences to a short paragraph long. You don’t need to list every certification or paraphrase all your experience. You have the rest of your resume to list your previous employment and education.

Tailor the profile section of your resume to the requirements of the position you’re applying for.

Show the reasons that you should stand apart from the rest of the applicants as the most interesting and qualified candidate.

Use Your Cover Letter to Elaborate

If you are including a cover letter with your resume, you can elaborate on the points in your profile. Your resume and cover letter should complement each other, and using a profile section to bring attention to your most relevant qualities can help to enhance the strength of your cover letter as well as your resume.

Customer Service Resume With a Profile Example

Firstname Lastname
555 Maple Dr.
Hartford, CT 06105
(860) (555-0820)


Bilingual, award-winning customer service employee with strong written and oral communication skills. Trained and experienced in resolving customer complaints and promoting conflict resolution.


Sales Representative, ABC Retail Store
Hartford, CT
September 20XX-Present
- Provide positive, individualized customer care for hundreds of customers each week
- Nominated employee-of-the-month three times for excellent attitude and customer service skills

Host, L’Amour Restaurant
Hartford, CT
September 20XX-August 20XX

- Welcomed and seated guests, ensuring each guest’s comfort and satisfaction
- Spoke with patrons on the phone to help book reservations and answer questions, always maintaining clear and positive communication

Tutor, XYZ Middle School
Simsbury, CT
November 20XX-July 20XX

- Developed and taught lessons to sixth grade students to enhance their written and verbal communication skills
- Awarded tutor-of-the-week for creative lesson planning and problem-solving skills


ABC College

Hartford, CT
Bachelor of Arts

- First Aid and CPR/AED certification, May 20XX
- Mediation and conflict resolution certification, October 20XX


- Fluent in English and Spanish