7 Tools for Creating a Custom Facebook Welcome Page

Small businesses need an online presence these days, and having a Facebook page is a necessary tool for marketing a business online.

There are many reasons why Facebook is so effective for businesses, and many ways to engage and interact with your audience once you are there, but creating a Facebook page is the first step.

Once you are on Facebook, you will want to customize your page so it effectively represents your company and brand. Ultimately, you want your Facebook page to be a useful and frequently visited place online for members of your target audience.

Having a custom welcome page that greets visitors, encourages them to "like" your page and guides them through the features is a powerful way to facilitate interaction. If you are familiar with coding and website development, you can create a custom iFrame application on your own. If not, there are many services that will do the work for you, and help you save a great deal of time and effort.

Here are seven tools that can help you take your plain Facebook page and make it an interactive and fun destination that promotes your business online.


Use Pagemodo to quickly create a custom business Facebook page. Screenshot &copy Pagemodo

Pagemodo is a do-it-yourself solution for customizing Facebook business pages. Users can create a professional, custom business Facebook Page for free without design, graphic, or coding skills.

Pagemodo provides templates that are easy to customize, plus the ability to add in social apps that extend the functionality and interactivity on your page.

Pagemodo features include:

  • User-customized templates
  • Photo galleries
  • “Like” gates
  • Video templates
  • Fan coupons
  • Maps and locations
  • Twitter feeds
  • Contact forms

Pagemodo is free for one custom page, with optional upgrades.

Find out more: Go to Pagemodo


Use TabSite to customize your Facebook page and create a website within your Facebook page. Screenshot © Digital Hill Multimedia, Inc.

TabSite is an application developed by Digital Hill Multimedia, Inc. that allows users to create custom welcome pages and tabs with deep levels of content right within Facebook.

You don't need coding experience to create and customize your pages; TabSite provides you access to a simple content editor to add content, images, coupons, links, and more.

Some of the features provided by TabSite include:

  • Custom-named tabs
  • Custom tab icons
  • Sub-pages (a mini-website within Facebook)
  • "Drag-and-build" page interface
  • Facebook comments plug-in
  • Document manager
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Create fan-only content
  • Video embedding
  • Unlimited fans

TabSite is a monthly subscription service with a limited version available for free.


Customize your page using ShortStack design tools for free up to 2,000 likes. Screenshot © ShortStack

ShortStack is a custom iFrame tab designing tool that allows users to create custom Facebook tabs by using widgets for elements such as blogs, videos, newsletters, Twitter, and more.

ShortStack features include:

  • Sweepstakes
  • Fan-only content
  • Full design control
  • Photo upload
  • Custom tab icons, application names
  • Multiple user collaboration
  • Tab analytics
  • Custom contact forms
  • Video embedding
  • Ecommerce

ShortStack is a monthly subscription service that provides a limited free version for business pages with less than 2,000 fans.

Find out more: Go to ShortStack


TabPress is a free application for creating custom tabs for Facebook pages. Screenshot &copy HyperArts

TabPress is a Facebook application, created by HyperArts, that allows users to create iFrame page tabs by adding their HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other code into an editor.

Although this service requires an ability to write and understand code, it provides more flexibility and customization than some of the other options.

TabPress features include:

  • Simple, easy-to-use interface for adding content
  • Flexible with the ability to add any code to customize your page
  • Fan-gating to protect content from non-fans


Build and add iFrames to your Facebook page with FBiFrames. Screenshot © FBiFrames

FBiFrames helps users create and add custom tabs to Facebook pages through iFrames. Users don't need HTML/CSS, FTP or Facebook application experience, and can select a "pre-built" theme that they can customize with text and images.

Features of FBiFrames include:

  • Easy to use, no coding knowledge required
  • Pre-designed templates
  • Custom-built pages
  • Advanced coding features
  • Visual (WYSIWYG) editor
  • Sweepstakes and Deals functionality

FBiFrames has a basic version that's available for free, with monthly subscriptions for packages that provide additional features.

Find out more: Go to FBiFrames


Build a custom Facebook page for your business with FaceItPages. Screenshot © Go Smart Solutions, LLC

FaceItPages is a do-it-yourself Facebook page designer that allows users to create and customize their Facebook landing pages.

Features of FaceItPages include:

  • Photo gallery and custom header
  • Interactive content editor
  • Multiple page templates
  • Branded contact section
  • Page tabs
  • Social networks and other links
  • Lead-capture form
  • Embedded video and music
  • Google Analytics integration

FaceItPages offers free trial, then several monthly subscription packages.

Find out more: Go to FaceItPages


iwipa helps you build and design a website inside your Facebook page. Screenshot © Facebook

iwipa is a website builder that supports iFrames and other code you can place on a Facebook page. It's an application that's installed right from Facebook so you can create a website inside your Facebook page.

Features of iwipa include:

  • Custom pages
  • Tabs and unlimited pages
  • No coding required
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Add 1,000s of third-party widgets
  • Fan gates that protect content from non-fans
  • Templates or custom coding options

iwipa has a limited free version, or a full Pro version for a monthly or yearly subscription.

Find out more: Go to iwipa