Crowdfunding Radar: February 1, 2015

CrowdfundingRadar Feb 1 2015
Zack Miler

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Crowdfunding Games

Conan looks like it's going to be an awesome (board) game

Fans of fantasy games are rushing to back Conan, a new board game (board game!) trending on Kickstarter. The game's on pace to raise millions if it keeps up the pace (they need the cash given how much detail they've given to the game pieces). So, if Robert E Howard's writings stir a little savagery in you, you're going to want to put down the Settlers of Catan and check this one out

Crowdfunding Tech Campaigns

Automate yo' house with one remote

I'm sick of trying to control my devices separately but I've never found a real solution. That might change with NEEO, a smart device that claims it can control over 30,000 devices (all major audio/visual devices) with a click of the button on an app that runs on your mobile device. If you need a NEEO, go here.  

Flic of a button and control your stuff

Who doesn't want a one-push button to control your electronics (at the least, it makes taking selfies easy-peasie), turn lights on and off, play music and find your phone.

 Flic​ doesn't need your money (because it smashed its goals on Indiegogo) but it's available for purchase as part of the crowdfunding site's new InDemand service (which lets you buy successfully funded products). Flow to Flic. If you refer 2 friends, you can get a free one. 

A flashlight that also a portable battery

This year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was really excited about theZerohour device -- an integrated flashlight that also doubles as an external battery and charger for your mobile devices.

That's right -- it's an awesome flashlight AND can charge your iPhone. Backpack. Check. Water Bottle. Check. Zerohour. Check.Back it this hour on Kickstarter

For Investors

Hospital-grade pulmonary testing now on a doc's desk 

Most doctors send their patients to hospitals to get tested for serious pulmonary ailments. That's because the decades-old technology -- a huge telephone booth-sized device, called a bodybox -- is too big and expensive for most primary care offices. PulmOne is changing all that with a desktop-sized device that not only treats patients in the comfort of their own physician's office, but it has a revenue model for the docs who use it, too. Kaching.

Forget nutraceuticals -- how about investing in a new fiberceutical?

I'm sick of hearing about "energy" drinks which are nothing more than sugar and caffeine -- which may produce a buzz, but they're terrible for you. Full Core is a new type of drink raising an investment round on CircleUp and it claims it helps to control appetite and aid digestion by delivering fiber in liquid form.

Making parents better at what they do

Here's something I can use personally --  I think of Sproutling like a self-driving car except it's not a car, it's a baby.

The company makes intelligent baby monitors that use technology to determine when your baby is most likely to wake up or determine when the best time to put him down to sleep. The company is raising $5M on Angel List here

Restaurant opportunity: Sussex Drive

"Sussex Drive is the street on which Amy’s mother was raised and Amy, herself, spent childhood days exploring. Four generations shared laughter and experiences on Sussex Drive in the simpler days of life. Like our restaurant that will bear its name, on this street, food and love were shared equally." Check out this investment opportunity on EquityEats

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