A Site in Transition

chokkicx / Getty Images is an online service offering information about your credit. The site is owned by Experian, so the credit information you receive comes from information held at that credit reporting agency only.

The good news is that the site no longer requires you to provide credit card information or sign up for a “trial” service to view your credit reports. The site essentially funnels you into a sign-up form offering free reports.

Unfortunately, it seems that the site is not ready for Prime Time. As of this writing, the Blog area was not functioning, and the majority of the site seems less than helpful (like the Terms & Conditions are the same ones you’ll find on any Experian site). There’s no description of additional products or pricing levels from additional services – if those are still available.

Getting Credit Information

If all you need is a credit report, there are several ways to get one. For starters, the US government requires that all individuals get a free copy of their credit report each year from every credit reporting agency (you have to request the reports – they don’t come automatically).  To do so, visit, which is the website set up to help the major credit bureaus comply with that law.

At, you can get an Experian credit report, so it’s not clear if there’s any benefit to using other Experian sites (unless you’ll get an additional free report during the year, which might be helpful if you’re looking for major changes in your credit files).

There are several other places to find free credit information online. Your free credit reports are a good place to start: your credit scores will be calculated based on the information inside of those reports. Make sure that everything in your reports is accurate, and look for signs of potential identity theft (any accounts that you do not remember opening).

Credit scores are less important to know about day-by-day because they’re simply the result of what’s in your credit reports. However, you might want to know where you stand, and you can purchase credit scores when you get your free reports, or you can use other websites to learn about your scores. Some banks even offer free FICO credit scores to customers.

Your FICO credit score is the most important score if you’re thinking of a major purchase: buying a home or auto, for example. The FICO score is the same score that most (but not all) lenders use for approval decisions. Other scores (especially those from “free” websites) might be higher or lower than your true FICO score, leading you to look at loans that might not fit your situation.

All that said, free websites can provide helpful information to give you a basic idea of how you’re doing. You might not need to know exactly what your score is – you just need to know if you have good or bad credit. Free sites do a good job of highlighting red flags in your credit reports and providing education on where you can improve. ​​