Every credit card has an interest rate and typically a fee structure. This affects how much you pay to use your card. Learn the basics of how credit card interest rates work and what fees you can expect.
Woman shopping on telephone using a credit card
Understanding Your Credit Card Annual Fee and How to Avoid It
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How Credit Cards Use the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate
Man using calculator to figure average daily balance finance charges
How Your Creditors Calculate Finance Charges
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Here's How to Calculate Your Own Credit Card Finance Charge.
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Credit Card Interest Rates: Fixed Rate vs. Variable Rate
Person holding a credit card
Daily Balance Method for Calculating Finance Charges
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Average Credit Card Interest Rate Is 20.35%
A customer pays for a coffee with a credit card.
What Are Credit Card Convenience Fees?
A woman views credit card details online
Credit Card Balance Transfer Fees: An Overview
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Considering Card With a Promo Rate? This Is What You Can Expect
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Common Credit Card Fees You Should Avoid Paying
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5 Steps to Lower Your Credit Card Interest Rates
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What to Know About Credit Card Daily & Monthly Periodic Rates
Young woman abroad shopping online with credit card
What Is a Credit Card Foreign Transaction Fee?
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What Effect Does a Variable Interest Rate Have on Your Credit Card?
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Late Fees on Credit Cards: How They Work and How High They Can Go
Viewing credit card information on a tablet
What Is a Credit Card Introductory Rate?
Credit cards and statement where the issuer may use adjusted balance method to calculate finance charges.
How Credit Card Issuers Use the Adjusted Balance Method to Figure Fees
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What Is a Credit Card Over-Limit Fee?
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Credit Card Companies Earn Profits Even If You Never Pay Interest
Your Credit Card Finance Charges: The Previous Balance Method
Stressed woman paying credit card bills
Here's Why Some Credit Card Penalty APRs Never Go Away
A man stresses about finances
The Six Ways Credit Card Finance Charges are Calculated
A woman looks over her credit card penalty APR terms.
Credit Card Penalty and Default Rates Explained
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10 Bad Credit Card Habits You Must Break
Man holding several credit cards with various interest rates
Here Is How You Should Respond to a Credit Card Interest Rate Increase
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The Four Times Banks Can Increase Credit Card Interest Rates
Increasing interest rate
When Credit Card Issuers Must Send Interest Rate Increase Notices
What Is the APR for Your Retail Credit Card?
Magnifying glass amplifies newspaper article on interest rates
Credit Card APRs Inch Up as Banks Brace for Trouble Ahead

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