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Consider the security of your credit repair provider’s website

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Credit Assistance Network

Credit Assistance Network

overall rating

Although the Credit Assistance Network has been in business for a long time, we suggest continuing to shop around given its higher-than-average cost and apparent weaknesses with its website security and appearance.

  • Pros & Cons
  • Key Takeaways
  • Company Overview 
Pros & Cons
  • Good length of time in business

  • No recent complaints with the BBB

  • No monthly fees

  • Hours of operation not listed on company website

  • Limited customer reviews available

  • Relatively low C+ rating with the BBB

  • Not all of the pages on the company’s website are secure

  • Per-deletion fees of $50 to $75 per item and credit bureau could quickly add up

Key Takeaways
  • Founded in 2004, the Credit Assistance Network has a good length of time in business.
  • After a free credit evaluation, the company will determine if it can help you. 
  • No additional services, like monthly credit monitoring, are offered by the Credit Assistance Network. 
  • The company’s hours of operation are not published on its website. 
  • Although the company has a low C+ BBB rating, it also has no complaints.
  • There are very limited customer reviews available for the Credit Assistance Network. 
  • Although there is no monthly fee, the overall costs are higher than average.
Company Overview 

Credit Assistance Network is a privately held credit repair company that was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. Its almost two decades of business operations compare nicely to the other credit repair companies we reviewed. 

One of our key concerns about this company has to do with its website. Many of the pages on the Credit Assistance Network’s website are not secure, and it appears as if a hacker may have compromised the company’s main landing page. Until the Credit Assistance Network improves its web security, it might be a good idea to shop around for a different credit repair provider or, at a minimum, not input any personal information on its website.

  • Year Founded 2004
  • Average Cost $179 per individual, plus fees of $50 to $75 per deleted item and per credit bureau
  • Types of Credit Repair Services Available Full range of credit repair services
  • Monthly Monitoring Options Not available
  • Official Website
  • Customer Support 1-800-811-3078
Credit Assistance Network

Credit Assistance Network

overall rating

Credit Assistance Network, Inc., is a credit repair company that offers one level of credit repair service that carries a higher-than-average price versus the competition. Its fees start with a one-time charge of $179, with additional fees of $50 to $75 per deleted item and per credit bureau added to this cost. This means the overall costs charged by the Credit Assistance Network could quickly add up, especially if you have a lot of items that need to be removed or repaired. 

The Credit Assistance Network isn’t accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has a relatively low C+ rating with the BBB. Although customer reviews aren’t readily available for the Credit Assistance Network, the company hasn’t had any recent complaints with the BBB. These were just some of the factors we considered in our review of the Credit Assistance Network.

Available Services: Not Everyone Qualifies for Service

Credit Assistance Network starts its credit repair process by providing you with a free credit analysis. This is important because not everyone will be able to take advantage of the company’s services. If the Credit Assistance Network doesn’t think it will be able to help you fix your credit, it will tell you upfront. This type of honesty and upfront consultation is impressive. Plus, the company will give you pointers on some of the things you can do to build your credit.

If you’re able to sign up for a plan with the Credit Assistance Network, the company will carefully evaluate your credit report to determine which items should be disputed, how the dispute should happen, and the legal factors that make each dispute possible. The company will dispute up to 45 items by mailing custom dispute letters to all three major credit bureaus on your behalf. If your creditors and collectors fail to respond to the inquiries made by the Credit Assistance Network in accordance with legal requirements, the company will file complaints against the creditors to all relevant parties (e.g., FTC, state attorney general) on your behalf. This is a good demonstration of the Credit Assistance Network’s commitment to ensuring you’re treated fairly.

Optional Add-Ons: No Additional Services

Credit Assistance Network focuses solely on credit repair and doesn’t offer additional products or services, like a monthly credit monitoring service or budgeting tools. However, they are promoting a third party credit report monitoring company via a link in the website footer. Many of the other credit repair companies we reviewed operate in the same way, so this isn’t unusual. 

No matter which provider you choose, it’s important to check your credit score regularly to keep track of your financial health and detect problems early, among other reasons. Even so, it’s a good idea not to get monthly credit monitoring from a credit repair provider. This is because if you choose to use a credit repair provider, it should only be for a short period. That said, it’s a much better option to use a different source for your routine credit monitoring needs. 

If you want monthly credit monitoring, there are a lot of good standalone services available, including some that are free.

Customer Service: Unknown Hours of Operation

While many of the best credit repair companies clearly post their hours of operation on their websites, this information isn’t clearly available for the Credit Assistance Network. Hours are posted on Google, but it is not clear where the hours of operation listed there come from. You can reach the company by calling 1-800-811-3078. In addition, if you need sales support, you can email, and you can get service support by sending an email to Also, you can submit your contact information online, and someone will get back to you. However, we recommend exercising caution before entering any personal information given potential security concerns with the company’s website. 

Reputation: No Complaints but Low BBB Rating

Although the Credit Assistance Network has a relatively low C+ rating with the BBB, it also doesn’t have any recent BBB complaints. The lack of complaints with the BBB is a positive sign regarding the Credit Assistance Network’s professional reputation. 

Customer Satisfaction: Limited Reviews Are Available

In addition to there being no complaints against the Credit Assistance Network with the BBB, there unfortunately also aren’t any customer reviews. Likewise, there are no Credit Assistance Network customer reviews available from Trustpilot. If you have experience working with the Credit Assistance Network, we recommend sharing your experiences with others by writing and posting thoughtful reviews (good, bad, or indifferent). 

It's important to leave reviews about the financial service providers with whom we work, as this type of crowdsourced information can help people make informed decisions.

Cost: More Expensive on Average

Although the Credit Assistance Network does not charge a monthly fee, its overall fees may cost you more than some of the other credit repair companies we reviewed. You’ll pay a one-time fee of $179 when you sign up for a plan (this is discounted to $279 for couples), plus a fee of $50 for each confirmed deletion and $75 for each confirmed public record deletion per credit bureau. 

Remember, there are three credit bureaus, so these fees could be tripled if the item that was repaired was deleted from all credit bureaus. This means there’s the potential for the fees to add up quickly. Other credit repair companies, such as Trinity Credit Services, also don’t charge a monthly fee, but disclose upfront the total amount you’ll pay to get all the items on your credit reports repaired. That said, going with a company like Trinity Credit Services might be a better and less expensive option in the long run.

The following table summarizes the costs the Credit Assistance Network charges for its credit repair services:

Plan One-Time Fee Monthly Fee
Pay For Results $179.00 $0*

*Although there is no monthly fee, you will be required to pay $50 for each confirmed deletion and $75 for each public record deletion per credit bureau.

The Competition: Credit Assistance Network vs. Trinity Credit Services

A relatively well-known credit repair company that competes with the Credit Assistance Network and provides a similar type of service is Trinity Credit Services. Neither the Credit Assistance Network nor Trinity Credit Services charges a monthly fee. One-time costs start at $179 plus per-deletion fees for the Credit Assistance Network and start at $399 on average for Trinity Credit Services. The key difference is that Trinity Credit Services doesn’t charge additional per-deletion charges, but rather sets its fee upfront. For this reason, we think Trinity Credit Services is a better option than the Credit Assistance Network.

  Credit Assistance Network Trinity Credit Services
Monthly Price $0 $0
One-Time Fee $179, plus per-deletion costs Contact for customized quote
Number of Plans One Customized
BBB Accredited Business No No
BBB Rating C+ C+
BBB Customer Reviews None None
Final Verdict

Carefully Consider Your Options

Based on our methodology, and the additional concerns with the security of the Credit Assistance Network’s website and a lack of customer reviews, the pricing structure is such that the credit repair costs could quickly add up. This is because you will pay a higher-than-average fee of $179 when you sign up for a plan with the Credit Assistance Network, and you’ll also pay per-deletion costs ranging from $50 to $75 per item per credit bureau. For these reasons, we think there are better credit repair options out there and recommend continuing to shop around.

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