6 Helpful Resources for Creating Your Technical Curriculum Vitae (CV)

How to create and use a curriculum vitae in the technology industry

Are you stuck as you write your curriculum vitae (CV) as a technical professional? Even in today’s world of LinkedIn and online portfolios, they still matter when you’re looking for jobs. If you’re not sure whether you’re doing yours right, the following six resources should help.

Below you will learn about:

  • The differences between resumes and CVs

  • Formatting guidelines for your curriculum vitae

  • Writing tips when assembling a curriculum vitae

  • Specific tech-based curriculum vitae examples

And more.

The Difference Between a Resume and a Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Curriculum vitae
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This article goes into detail about the main differences between a resume and a curriculum vitae.

The main differences between the two are:

  1. Length

  2. What is included

  3. The purpose of each

In the US, a curriculum vitae is generally accepted when applying for academic, scientific or research positions. Moreover, it may be used when applying for fellowships or grants.

In other countries—such as those in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia—CVs are more commonplace. Even for jobs unrelated to research/academia, they are still often required (much like a resume would be in the US). More

Guidelines to Format Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

This article dives into all the sections that are commonly found on a CV.

The most common sections include:

  1. contact information

  2. professional or research objectives

  3. education

  4. honors and awards

  5. work experience

  6. publications, presentations, and works-in-progress

  7. professional associations and/or memberships

  8. community service

Here, you will also find a full-length list of example section headings. More

How to Write a Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Beyond knowing how to format your curriculum vitae, this article covers writing tips, such as:

  1. when to use a CV

  2. what to include on it

  3. how to customize yours

  4. tips for getting yours noticed

Like with a resume, when crafting your curriculum vitae it is important to keep your desired audience in mind. Also, like resumes, many people tailor theirs depending on the job they are applying for, including only what is relevant to the position. More

Free Microsoft Curriculum Vitae (CV) Templates for Word

This article shows you how to access the ready-to-go curriculum vitae templates in Microsoft Word. It also talks about downloading special templates online.

While using a template does make things, like formatting, easier, remember to always customize your curriculum vitae to the position you are applying to. You don’t want to use the same resume for a tech job that you used for the Banana Republic. More

Curriculum Vitae (CV) Example for an Information Technology Professional

If you are more of a “learn by example” type, use this as a reference for how to set up your own curriculum vitae. This is an example of an international curriculum vitae for an IT professional. More

Curriculum Vitae (CV) Example for a Technical Academic

Everything’s a little different in academia, including the things you will want to include on your curriculum vitae. With that in mind, here is a sample curriculum vitae of a someone with a technical background that has chosen an academic career. Note that it includes categories like “research specialties” and “research grants and contracts.” More


Use these six curriculum vitae resources to perfect yours. And remember, even though CVs are longer in length than resumes, it is still possible to keep yours concise. As always, let relevancy determine what you include. Note: this article has since been modified by Laurence Bradford.