7 Survey Vendors Speed Your Market Research

Create Quick Customer Surveys with These Market Research Providers

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In his You're the Boss Blog, Robert Moore explains the reasons for market research that provide opportunities to test a logo on an international audience prior to going live. Even some very large companies (that should know better) have become enamored with (or beaten down by) their creative team and ignored this very important step

You can enjoy reading Moore's story of the orange underpants logo on his blog.

  The back story is fascinating.  In this article, you can review some of the market research tools that RJMetrics learned about after the fact.  Be smart.  Do your market research a prior to launch.

That said, RJMetrics is a data aggregator and data analytics firm that consolidates and prepares data to be presented in an optimized form on user-friendly dashboards.  This is an excellent service for a medium to large business, since the monthly price range is $750 to $3000 or more, with an annual agreement.  The lesson to learn from the RJMetrics approach is that all of the relevant data a business generates and collects is part of a whole with the capacity to generate valuable consumer insights.

Market Research Concept Testing

While RJMetrics was focused on the logo seen as orange underpants problem, many components of product development, marketing, and advertising can be assessed through market research concept testing.

Consider the following examples:

Tools to Use for Testing

Crazy Egg - This company claims to be the leader in visual website analytics and heat maps.  The approach used by Crazy Egg lets businesses see where visitors click, improve conversion rates, and understand consumer behavior on their web pages.  The heat map function illustrates where people click on a website, with accumulating clicks showing up as light spots...obviously, the bigger the spot, the more traffic that place on the web page attracts.

Decision Analyst - This company offers an umbrella of strategic research, analytical consulting, modeling, and optimization applied to business intelligence, market research, economics analysis, innovation, and analytics.  In the area of concept testing, Decision Analyst has developed ConceptOpt, which is a choice modeling system that is used to determine the optimal mix of variables related to a product or service.

Formstack - This company provides an online form builder that enables users to create any type of online form and immediately embed or integrate the forms into their websites to collect data.

  The types of forms that can be generated include contact sheets, order forms, event registration forms, and surveys.  Surveys built on the Formstack platform are created on an ad hoc basis without concern for survey design, web hosting, or programming.

McCorr - This company is a market research provider with its own consumer panels and state-of-the-art, online research tools. McCorr's consumer panels enable businesses to connect with the right consumer, and their customer survey expertise enables businesses to ask the right questions of these relevant pools of consumers. As McCorr puts it,

"Market research is 'Part science, part art.'"

Optimizely - This company's claim to fame is the "#1 website optimization platform in the world."  Built by a couple of Google product managers who saw the value of making A / B testing and multivariate analysis easier.

  Use Optimizely to run A / B tests to compare how variations in product, marketing, or website pages perform.

Survata - This company provides a survey analyst to help businesses write survey questions that follow research industry best practices, a huge step to ensuring that their customers get quality results. Survata does not charge for survey programming, project management, or data analysis - you only pay for data, which starts at $1.  Really.  Read more about Survata here.

UserTesting - This company provides an application that lets businesses see how visitors interact with their website or with a product.  Their innovative approach video and audio records the users in a panel as they complete a target task, and speak their thoughts aloud, as is typical of user testing.  A key advantage of the UserTesting approach is that it eliminates assumptions about what is and what is not intuitive on a website or with a product.


Moore, R. J. (2014).  The orange underpants logo and the value of testing.  The New York Times.