Digital Deconstructed: How to Create a Winning Social Media Strategy

A primer on creating a successful global social media strategy

Social media marketing graphic
How to Create a Winning Global Social Media Strategy. Photo Credit: BigOakFlickr

As a result of our How to Attract Foreign Buyers to Your Website, you’ve got what’s needed to map out your social media strategy.  All that’s next is a plan to put everything into play.  Here’s a primer -- some tried and true tactics -- on how to create a winning global social media strategy that takes the world by storm.

First, I love shortcuts; why create a whole new wheel when one has already been built?

 Chris Brogan, who runs and Owner Media Group, a company that provides plans and projects for your business success, authored a great article titled, 50 Steps to Establishing a Consistent Social Media Practice.  One of the hidden gems in this comprehensive piece is the question that everyone should ask before they begin to develop a social media strategy: What are your goals?  If you can’t answer that, stop here and go back to reviewing “How to Attract Foreign Buyers to Your Website.”  You’re not ready for strategy or any marketing plan.  You are still in tactical digital media mode.

Next, if you have played around with and fully mastered the affordable social media toolbox, you are surely ready for big-social-Web thinking.  Shift into high gear and jump into Brogan’s analysis, which covers everything from bare-bones blogging to updating information on your many other social networks to ways to contribute everywhere on the Web (not always, according to Brogan, does it have to be directly related to your product or service offering; in fact, sharing your mind with others can be enough to keep them engaged and growing!) — while continuing to build your online connections.

These days, what we are witnessing in the startup stage of a successful social media strategy is the ability to quickly cover the five W’s:

  1. Who – who are you trying to reach (friends, colleagues, clients, old school pals)?
  2. What – what are you trying to accomplish (Brogan’s big question)?
  3. When – when do you want to make this happen (this year, first quarter 2017, in your lifetime)?
  1. Where – where will it occur (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or all of the above)?
  2. Why – what’s the purpose of doing this? 

Still scratching your head?  Then maybe Sean Carton’s A Social Media Strategy Checklist may help.  Dr. Carton, Chief Strategist of idfive, not only provides a compelling reason to develop a social media strategy but he also examines the reason behind why you should spend ad dollars on social media.  According to Dr. Carton’s How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy.

“It’s impossible to create successful [social media] strategies without understanding the various dimensions of the problem that you’re trying to solve.”

Is that your challenge too?  Jason Falls, author at Social Media Explorer, and digital strategist at, authored The Key To Developing a Social Media Strategy, with the No. 1 key being: Developing a social media strategy is not creating talking points, but parameters of conversation.  And to develop your parameters of conversation for your social media efforts, Falls goes on to say, you have to answer a whole other set of questions that he outlines in his article.

Lastly, back to our promise to help you create a winning social media strategy that takes the world by storm.

 If you apply the tips provided by Brogan (his 5 W’s), Carton, and Falls, you have most of what you need to create a winning global social media strategy. Taking the world by storm requires you being open and transparent in your dealings with everyone on the planet and listening like crazy to what folks have to say.  Can you do that?  Then put social media tools to work and go take the world by storm.