Create a Facebook Event via Your Fan Page

Facebook Event
Getty Images / Zave Smith

In a training that I was conducting this week I was asked how you can set up an event from your Facebook Fan Page, rather than your personal profile. As I begin to show the process I noticed that Facebook has changed the location of this feature. Don't worry it's still there, but it's in a different place. 

Facebook is notorious for changing things, so when I realized that you no longer go to "See All Events" where there was an option to add a new event.

 I realized that since I wasn't the only one struggling with this issue, perhaps more were looking for where this feature had been hidden in the last Facebook update, so hopefully, this will help. 

Here are the steps to creating an event via your Facebook Fan Page, rather than your personal profile. 

  • Step 1. Go to your Facebook Fan Page 

  • Step 2. Click Offer, Event + or Event, Milestone + at the top of your Page's Timeline.   

  • Step 3. Select Event 

  • Step 4. Enter the Details of Your Event 

  • Step 5. Once you've completed the details to your event you can select to publish. 

  • Step 6. After you publish it will appear on your Fan Page Wall. 

  • Step 7. The final step is to invite you friends to participate. 

Facebook events is a great way to promote both physical and virtual events that are presented by your business. It's a fantastic marketing tool. Just consider the following benefits: 

  • Facebook events feature allows you to promote any event or milestone. 

  • Your event doesn't have to be physical - it can also be virtual - "launch of a new website" - etc. 

  • When you create a Facebook event you will get a full page featuring your event. 

  • You can invite your friends to your event, ask them to invite their friends and even collect RSVPs. 

  • Facebook events are also indexed by search engines which is an added bonus. 

    What kind of events can you promote? 

    • Local live events 

    • Performances 

    • Book signings 

    • Virtual events 

    • Product launches 

    • New store openings 

    • Parties 

    • Nonprofit events 

    • Fashion Events 

    • Sales 

    The best thing about Facebook events is they are free to setup and yet offer extraordinary benefits to getting the word out about your event

    Tips for Promoting Your Event Via Your Facebook Page 

    Simply creating an event on Facebook doesn't mean that it will draw the traffic and participation that you desire. Here are a few tips that can help you promote your event via Facebook. 

    • Use a compelling event image. Facebook gives you a large space for an image, 784 x 295 to be exact. Your event title and date will be added to the image via Facebook.  A great image will grab attention, considering most people scrolling through Facebook are attracted to the visual.  

    • Provide complete details on the event page.  Don't skimp on the details.  Make sure that you include, dates, cost, location, directions, where to buy tickets and the dress code.  You will find people are more apt to attend if they have all of the information.  

    • Don't forget the invites.  Facebook is always changing the algorithm of their news feeds, so be sure to send out invitations, don't assume that everyone saw your event post.  

    • Keep the information up to date.  Add details to your event as time goes. Photos will entice, information will keep the interest and if those planning to attend feel engages it certainly makes it much more difficult not to show up. 

    • Don't just depend on Facebook. Be sure and include your invite in your email signature. Facebook is a great tool, but you'll get better results if you promote your event through other channels simultaneously. 

    • Promote your event.  You'll be surprised how much bang you will get for your buck by promoting your event via Facebook.  It costs very little money and it can be well worth it. 

    • Share the event.  Create a schedule of sharing the event, don't inundate the newsfeed of your fans, but make sure it's shared enough that people see it and are reminded of your event.