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Magazine editorial/design team at work. Getty Images/vgajic

Take a look at communications cover letter examples to get an idea of how to construct a professional letter that will effectively sell your credentials to a hiring manager. Given that you are applying for a position requiring excellent communication skills, it's especially important to write a compelling cover letter showcasing those abilities! In addition, ensure that each letter is customized for the particular job, highlighting your relevant skills and experience as they relate to each position.

Cover Letter Guidelines

1. Point to leadership roles and advanced skills right at the beginning to catch your reader's attention right at the get go. “I am writing in response to the Communications Manager position” doesn't say much. “I think my experience securing international press coverage for large healthcare clients makes me well suited for the Communications Manager position” grabs attention. Use the company's job description to call out your relevant skills.

2. Offer quantitative examples to demonstrate your achievements. Employers love to see bottom line results. Did you increase your predecessor’s PR placements by 50 percent? Increase web traffic to your previous employer's website by 40 percent? Illustrate your accomplishments with numbers--math makes your point!

3. Illustrate your strengths with detailed descriptions. Don't describe yourself as a team player or people person--it's cliche and overused.

  Instead, go for detailed descriptions like, "I'm a seasoned communicator with experience working on international PR campaigns to convey a cohesive brand." Follow that up with a concrete example: "For instance, when I worked on rebranding the marketing for our largest healthcare client, I coordinated communication throughout the client's international offices to create unified media materials."

4. Don't repeat your resume. Your cover letter should enhance your resume, showcasing the high points and painting a richer picture of who you are. Additionally, while a resume is straightforward, a cover letter should have some flair and a personal touch along with a tone that's warm and speaks directly to your reader.

Cover Letter Examples - Communications / Writing

Cover Letter Templates and Formats
Templates you can personalize to write your own cover letters when submitting job applications:

Communications / Writing Resume Examples
When applying for writing or other communications positions, it's even more crucial that your resume makes a good first impression and displays your writing skills.

Cover Letter Articles and Advice

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