Coupons for Feminine Care and Bladder Control

Find Printable Feminine Care Coupons to Use at Stores Near You

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Why pay full retail for feminine care products every month? Start saving by using free printable and clipable coupons for tampons, pantyliners, bladder-control products and other feminine products.

Go Straight to the Source

Several of the companies that make feminine care products have coupons posted on the product or manufacturer's website periodically throughout the year. The coupons are not always for the same product.

Companies will offer a coupon on a particular product one month, then pull it for a month and promote another product, then return with the coupon again the next month. Rotating the coupons is one way the companies encourage customers to try new products.

Most of the sites require that you register before you can print the coupons. You can often choose to  receive notifications through email when new coupons are posted or opt out of email communication.

You can print most of the coupons twice by using the back key, then reloading the printing page.

Here are the company websites that often post printable coupons on the websites:

Playtex Coupons

Playtex rotates coupons on Playtex Sport Tampons, Liners, Pads and Combo Packs. You may also want to check the Playtex Facebook page for coupons. Along with coupons, Playtex also runs special offers and promotions with free t-shirts, coupons and free samples that visitors can earn points to receive.

Always Coupons

Always carries a full line of menstrual pads, panty liners and bladder control products. The coupons are posted on the PGEveryday website. Registration is required.

Summer's Eve

Summer's Eve seems to always have a coupon available. Registration is not required, but you do the options to sign up to receive alerts about future coupons.


Depends posts coupons for several of their incontinence and bladder control products for both men and women on their website. If you are an Amazon shoppers, Depends' extends coupons and special offers when you purchase their products on Amazon. Along with the coupons, you can also request request free samples.


Poise has a full line of feminine pads, bladder-control products, and internal leak preventage products. They offer coupons for several of their products on their website. You can also request free samples.

Retail Store Savings

Along with manufacturer websites, the national drugstores and big-box stores also offer a lot of promotions on feminine care product either online or in-store. This includes CVS, Walgreen's and Riteaid and Walmart. carries most all of the products from the manufacturers listed above. The coupons for the products rotate, but they are almost always discounted.

Printable Coupon Websites

Popular websites that specialize in offering printable coupons seem to always run coupons for feminine products. This includes and

Newspaper Inserts and Magazines

Coupons for feminine products and bladder control often show up in magazines that are health related and geared to women and teenage girls.

AllYou magazine is another good source for coupons.