Safeway - Shop, Play, Win Monopoly Sweepstakes (Expired)

Shop at Safeway/Albertsons to Win Up to a Million Dollars

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Note: This sweepstakes has expired, but you can find many sweepstakes with similar prizes on the Cash Sweepstakes List.



Safeway is giving away hundreds of thousands of prizes in their Shop, Play, Win Monopoly Sweepstakes. Collect game pieces or enter to win instant prizes and you could win a million dollars cash, a million-dollar vacation home, a luxury car, other big cash prizes, free groceries, shopping sprees, computers, and much, much more.

Enter with purchases at Safeway and Albertson's stores or without purchase by mail. This sweepstakes has expired.

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Open to residents of Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming as well as to residents of other states who visit participating stores, 18+

Start Date:

February 08, 2017

End Date:

May 09, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. ET

Entry Frequency:

Unlimited entry per person

Sweepstakes Prizes:

Grand Game Board Prizes:

Grand Prizes (3): A million dollars in cash. (ARV: $1,000,000)

1st Prizes (3): A $1,000,000 vacation home. (ARV: $1,000,000)

2nd Prizes (15): $100,000 cash or a luxury car.

(ARV: $100,000)

3rd Prizes (25): A $40,000 home makeover. (ARV: $40,000)

4th Prizes (25): A vehicle of your choice worth up to $35,000. (ARV: $35,000)

5th Prizes (50): $20,000 to pay for your college tuition. (ARV: $20,000)

6th Prizes (50): A four-wheeler vehicle. (ARV: $10,000)

7th Prizes (50): A family vacation. (ARV: $10,000)

8th Prizes (50): $5,000 cash. (ARV: $5,000)

9th Prizes (100): An outdoor entertaining prize pack consisting of a gas grill and groceries. (ARV: $1,500)

10th Prizes (100): An LED HD TV. (ARV: $1,500)

11th Prizes (100): $1,000 in cash. (ARV: $1,000)

12th Prizes (100): A laptop computer. (ARV: $1,000)

13th Prizes (600): A Smart Watch. (ARV: $300)

14th Prizes (50): Free groceries. (ARV: $5,000)

15th Prizes (100): A $1,000 grocery store gift card. (ARV: $1,000)

16th Prizes (350): A $500 grocery gift card. (ARV: $500)

17th Prizes (750): A family picnic. (ARV: $200)

18th Prizes (2,500): A $100 grocery store gift card. (ARV: $100)

19th Prizes (5,000) A $50 grocery store gift card. (ARV: $50)

20th Prizes (10,000): A $25 grocery store gift card. (ARV: $25)

21st Prizes (10,000): A $25 mall gift card. (ARV: $25)

22nd Prizes (10,000): A gift card for $25 worth of free movies from Fandango.

(ARV: $25)

23rd Prizes (25,000): A $15 grocery store gift card. (ARV: $15)

24th Prizes (37,500): A $10 grocery store gift card. (ARV: $10)

25th Prizes (750): $200 in cash. (ARV: $200)

26th Prizes (2,500): $100 in cash. (ARV: $100)

27th Prizes (10,000): $25 in cash. (ARV: $25)

28th Prizes (37,500): $10 in cash. (ARV: $10)

29th Prizes (800,000): $5 in cash. (ARV: $5)

Instant Win Prizes:

1st Prizes (3): $10,000 in cash. (ARV: $10,000)

2nd Prizes (5): $5,000 in cash. (ARV: $5,000)

3rd Prizes (234,155): A grocery gift card worth $5,000, $1,000, $100, $50, $25, $10 or $5. (ARV: $5 - $5,000)

4th Prizes (30,000): A $25 gift card to Burger King, MasterCard, Visa, Macy's, GAP, JCPenney, Microsoft Xbox, AMC Theaters, Fandango, Nike, or Regal Cinemas. (ARV: $25)

5th Prizes (2,000): A $20 gift card to Domino's. (ARV: $20)

6th Prizes (14,000,000): A Rouxbe Cooking School Class coupon. (ARV: $24.99)

7th Prizes (97,751,550): A free product.

8th Prizes (60,000,000): A pair of free game play tickets.

There will also be 58,350,000 discount coupon prizes awarded.

Additional Comments:

Receive game plays with any purchase at a participating store. Receive bonus game plays for purchase of qualifying products. You can also use the no purchase entry method to get free game codes by mail. There will also be a second-chance drawing for unawarded prizes.