Countdown to 2068 - World Out of Oil

The World Will Run Out of Oil by 2068 at Current Consumption Rates

Oil Drums Spilling
Spilling Drum of Oil. Daniel Hurst Photography

Based on known reserves, current consumption rates, and estimates from trusted organizations such as the International Energy Agency (IEA) and British Petroleum, the planet will be out of oil by the year 2068. 

The official Oil Depletion Clock at recently ticked to less than 54 years. There are also many supporting documents of remaining supplies published by the United Nations, BP, and the IEA.

With any major event (Dot Com Bubble, Legal Marijuana, 3D Printing, Bitcoin, etc...), the best way to capitalize from it is always high-quality penny stocks.  Of course, this is coming from the "Penny Stock Authority," but I've seen it play out many times.  The smallest, highly volatile shares always represent the greatest gains.  

Several things will happen because of the rapid depletion, which may hasten or extend what I'm calling O-Day (Oil Day).  I'll explain some angles to profit and come out on top.  I also understand that making money will be the least of our worries if resources disappear.

However, there will be a transition to alternative energies and plenty of people will become very wealthy if they play things right.  This is just like the Great Depression making more millionaires than any other time in history.

Event:  Wars will break out as supplies get tight - this is almost a guarantee.

  Military conflicts and global positioning has already been driven by oil resources, and such events will only become more significant and common, directly inverse to the remaining supply.

Profit Angle:  Military technology penny stocks will soar, such as drone programmers and developers, and new warfare surveillance systems, for example.

Event:  As supply wanes, prices will rise, perhaps even skyrocketing.  While this will be devastating for oil-importing nations (Japan, South Korea, India), it will assist exporters (Venezuela, Canada, Saudi Arabia).

Profit Angle: New businesses will crop up in the new world order.  In oil importing nations, companies which can help organizations cut costs will be in demand, as well as those which provide oil-alternative energy sources.  Oil exporting nations will see their revenues climb, and strong economies lead to expanding businesses and new corporations of most types.

Event:  Higher prices will make difficult drilling locations more economically viable.  For example, the first Artic-bound drilling rig only recently left on its long, slow journey north, to eventually tap into all the crude sitting beneath the ice.  The cold north will be the next focus for the big companies, despite the numerous problems it poses (shifting surface ice, sub-zero temperatures, extreme depth of resources, uncertainty of total amounts).  Expect to see ever more corporations engaging in activities in the Arctic.

Profit Angle:   Many new penny stock business opportunities will arise.  Workers need to stay warm, and in touch with their families.

 New methods of deep water remote sensing will need to be developed.  Small scale transportation airline and helicopter companies will thrive.

Event:  Higher oil prices will also make alternative technologies (new and old alike) advance into widespread use.  Solar, nuclear, coal, wind, tidal, garbage burning , and geothermal, as well as others we have not yet even contemplated.

Profit Angle: So many penny stock companies are currently engaged in alternative energy sources, and that number will climb as oil prices rise.  As well, any service to monitor energy use, increase efficiency, or help companies benefit from renewable resources will do well.

O-Day gets closer by the day, and another 93,000,000 or so barrels are required every 24 hours.  You can choose to watch motionless, or you can set yourself up to benefit from what is coming.

 In the meantime, watch the Oil Depletion Clock keep ticking away...