3 Software Options to Control Commercial Construction Management Costs and Risks

Which software is best for the commercial construction industry?

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Have you been avoiding getting a new bid management system? Are your projects so large that you’re drowning without project management software? Are you consistently finishing projects over budget and past due date?

If so, it’s time to consider software specifically designed for construction to solve these issues. Construction management software is made to address construction managers’ deepest fears.

Software reduces the chance of injury, makes bidding easier, and streamlines workflows. In sum, construction management software makes managing commercial construction a whole lot easier. 

When looking for construction management software, it’s easy to get overwhelmed—you don’t want to accidentally buy overpriced software with too many features or invest in a system that’s really meant for home building. Luckily, these three construction management software options are designed specifically for commercial use.

HeavyWorks Construction Software

HeavyWorks has been reviewed as a Constructech 2013 Commercial Top Product. Realizing the importance of intertwining project management, job costing, and accounting, this integrated software touches all departments in major firms. They brand themselves as “The ONLY construction management software built specifically for the heavy and civil industry.” While that claim might be overzealous, their focus on those industries is immediately clear.

Project management is where HeavyWorks shines. The data (such as change-order requests or bids) are kept in one place and integrates with accounting.

HeavyWorks also scales with your firm. Need fleet management? Bidding and estimating tools? Contact management? HeavyWorks offers it all in their supporting structures.

Not only that, but HeavyWorks offers features not typically associated with construction management software, like human resources management and MRP-1 purchase planning tools, so that your company can keep all of its processes in one place.


Jonas Software has outstanding user reviews—and for good reason. Jonas works with its buyers to create a custom configuration for the individual company’s needs. They note that their enterprise system can be used by a number of specialty services, including HVAC, plumbing, and mechanical.

Jonas Enterprise is a huge system—buyers need to be ready to commit to a two-day software review to learn how to use it. But that isn’t necessarily because Jonas isn’t intuitive—it’s because Jonas offers so many features. From takeoffs to work orders, to fixed assets, to payroll, to inventory, to creating customized reports, Jonas enterprise is a massive tool meant for major construction players. You wouldn’t want all of these great tools to get lost in its plethora of functions.

Luckily, Jonas has notoriously good customer service. Getting support is easy (and once you’re on your feet, you’ll rarely need it).


PMweb is a cloud-based construction project management system.

From bid management to customer management to Autodesk Revit integration, PMweb is another solution that stands out in its plentitude of features. Reviewers have praised PMweb as a system that effectively organizes communication with stakeholders and is “the best [construction management software] in reporting.”

Using PMweb is particularly intuitive. It has a drag and drop system and produces easy-to-follow visual workflows. The system is customizable to your company’s reporting and procedural needs, eliminating the need for outside systems (like document management). Finally, like HeavyWorks, PMweb offers plenty of add-ons. PMweb serves many industries—from architecture to transportation—and they likely have a solution for you.


There are lots of other fantastic commercial construction management software options.

If these three are of no interest to your company, take a look at Penta, BuilderTrend, Co-Construct, Aconex, and ProCore.