CoolBox: Much More than a ToolBox

This toolbox provides tech gadgets along with the space to organize your tools

Photo Courtesy Coolbox

Looking for that ultimate toolbox? Well, that's what the new Coolbox brings with some features that you can use other than a tool storage area. Coolbox is raising the bar by introducing a cool toolbox with some extra gadgets that will help you work happier and under a better mood. The original toolbox concept is maintained but with all these new additions you will enjoy using it every day. The toolbox is part of a crowdfunding project that has been very successful and could eventually break some records during its initial campaign.

Coolbox Gadgets

The Coolbox comes with LED light built into the toolbox to provide that extra light when you needed it most. The Coolbox lid also has a magnet that will maintain small hardware, nuts, washers and bolts in place. In addition to this, and since there are many apps that the construction professional needs to use, the handy toolbox is equipped with a built-in battery and charging posts for powering up your smartphone and tablet. But wait, there's more. The toolbox has an integrated bottle opener, USB ports,a power bar, tablet stand and Bluetooth speakers so you can listen to your favorite songs while doing the work. The toolbox can be plugged in to juice up all your devices, or it can run the integrated battery as an additional charging method for your electronic devices, including small power tools like a sander or drill. The battery provides up to 10 hours of use when using the USB ports, for example, and 7 hours when using the speakers, while a sander will get about 48 minutes and a drill will be able to drill about 1400 screws.

On the left side of the box,there are three additional grounded outlets that operate when you have the Coolbox plugged via its retractable cord so that the whole thing functions like a giant extension cord. Another feature of the Coolbox Toolbox is a whiteboard under the lid which is perfect for taking notes, make drawing or sketches or just writing down any measurements that you take.

Where to Get the Coolbox

The Coolbox was developed by a group of people that are still looking to fund their project on Indiegogo. The Coolbox can be acquired for less than $200 under an early bird special, plus $39 for a basic tool set. Shipping will start in June. The partners have already exceeded their $50,000 goal with about $126,000 in pledges and 42 days remaining. The toolbox is available either black/red or green/yellow 120V or 240V models. The box can carry up to 65 pounds of tools and has a capacity of 1,797 cubic inches. Coolbox Tools include a hammer, screwdriver set, hex key set, 3-piece plier set, tape measure, level, and utility knife. This high-quality tool set comes in two different color combinations to match your Coolbox.