How to Convert Facebook Likes and Fans into Email Subscribers

Traffic from Facebook
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Facebook has been a dominant social media marketing platform for over a decade now, and shows no sign of fading away. Millions of subscribers use Facebook to connect with the world around them, most notably through the elusive “Like” from as many people as possible, in the hopes of, well, collecting “Likes”.

Popularity for the sake of popularity is great for massaging one’s ego, but as an online entrepreneur you should do much more with these valuable connections.

Why not find a way to convert these “Likes” into something more tangible?

How about inviting your Facebook acquaintances to join your e-mail subscriber list? Never thought of using Facebook in that way? That’s OK, but perhaps it’s time that you did…

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Most Internet Marketers use the familiar one dollar per subscriber per month benchmark to gauge the income generated from their lists. For example, a five-hundred (500) person list should generate five-hundred dollars of revenue for you on a monthly basis.

Now, the question is: What is your conversion rate from Facebook ‘Likes’ to e-mail subscribers? Is it ten to one, twenty to one, one-hundred to one? Obviously, the more targeted your Facebook marketing activity is, the more effective your e-mail subscriber recruitment will be.

Facebook ‘Likes’ are a type of social media currency that can help get your online activity ball rolling in laser-like fashion.

Social media is a great way to initiate relationships with people on a personal level, but how do you create meaningful business relationships as part of the next step? It’s important to bring them over to your e-mail list, because that’s the best way to demonstrate niche expertise and make meaningful offers.

Another benefit of building a following and getting people to "Like" your page on Facebook is that paid advertising on Facebook can be less expensive to your followers on Facebook than to a cold audience on Facebook.

Here are some tips for bringing over quality business prospects from Facebook to your e-mail lists:

1. Creating a Facebook Ad

Paid Facebook ads can be a great way to promote your e-mail newsletter, special content etc. beyond your usual contacts. It’s relatively easy to create, just remember to include a ‘Call to Action’ that directs readers of your ad to a signup-form or landing (squeeze) page where they can provide you with their best contact information.

Keep in mind that the less information you ask for (usually just a first name and email address) the higher converting you opt-in page will be.

2. Link Directly to Your Squeeze Page in Facebook Posts

Take advantage of your personal Facebook connections to encourage direct sign-ups. Many Internet “social” entrepreneurs keep separate personal and business profiles, but you can still feed personal ‘Likes’ to your business side.

Recall that a squeeze page is simple and built for a single purpose: to sign-up prospects for a specific goal.

A simple but attractive Facebook business squeeze page should serve this purpose well.

They key is to mix up your posts and have a balance between providing content, sharing links, and promoting your free and paid offers.

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3. Position Yourself as an Expert in Your Market

The traditional, command control models of business entrepreneurship and marketing are mostly inadequate for social media models. Converting ‘Likes’ on a regular, consistent basis requires activity on your account that demonstrates expertise and interest in helping others.

Creating positive experiences by sharing links, providing meaningful commentary, asking and answering questions will encourage feedback and eventually more sign-ups to your subscriber list.

Personally interacting with people on Facebook (and other social media platforms) can go a long way towards building relationships, personalizing your business, and converting fans into subscribers and sales.

4. Incentivize Your ‘Likes’ with Exclusive (Original) Content

Facebook subscribers can be a fickle bunch, and as most are bombarded with news feeds and chatting opportunities every day, you will need to battle hard to get their attention. Therefore, consider directing them to one of your well-received blog entries, e-books, or previous entries. 

Remember not to reveal too much! Share parts of your content, then encourage people to sign up for your newsletter if they want the whole story. This tactic is sure to capture the interest of your best fans, and leave them wanting more. Just like a great entertainer! 

This “teaser funnel” is a direct, ethical way for you to add to your e-mail list.

5. Retarget Facebook Visitors to Your Website

This is a little bit of an advanced tactic, but an extremely powerful one that you should be sure to understand and master on Facebook... and that is the concept of retargeting your advertising.

You can place a tracking pixel on your website so that anyone who comes to your website can be tracked; allowing you to run advertising to them when they go back to Facebook.

This repeat exposure gives you an opportunity to brand your business and drive more repeat traffic leading to more subscribers and sales.

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