Continued Brilliance - An Interview With Brian Tracy

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I had never heard of Brian Tracy before 1998 when I attended a sales meeting during which the president of the company for which I worked played a video for the sales team to watch. The video was of Brian Tracy, and I was mesmerized with Tracy's brilliant and professional approach towards sales.

Over the years since, I have continued to include Brian Tracy's material as a large part of my professional training program and have even had the privilege of attending a live Brian Tracy seminar.

It seems that while new sales techniques are introduced and marketed all the time, the classic sales tips and tricks that Brian Tracy has taught for decades remain valid, timely and important for anyone in sales.

I had the honor of interviewing Brian a while back, and while assembling the interview notes later to be used for the writing of these articles, I realized one simple truth: Brian Tracy's consistent message remains valid, and his brilliance has not dimmed at all.

Sales is the Ultimate Default Occupation

There are many who are in sales and much more who have "tried sales." Brian Tracy calls sales the "ultimate default occupation," meaning that many get into sales because they cannot find a job in a career field that they truly have a passion for. This is both good and bad for those sales professionals who choose to be in sales. It's good because, according to Tracy, those with a passion for sales already place themselves into the top 20% in their industries.

A professionals determination for success and willingness to "do what it takes" to succeed, beat out others the majority of the time.

Those who are in sales due to a lack of jobs in another field, go through the motions of sales and never devote themselves to excellence, to training or to earning their way into the top 20%.

These "job fillers" do what it takes to get by while waiting for their dream job to come their way. While some may do well in sales and may win deals away from the true sales professionals, their careers will not last as they have no passion for keeping them from falling victim to the daily grind of sales.

The fact that sales is the ultimate default occupation is also bad for sales professionals as many who are not passionate about sales either contribute to the negative public image of sales people or are quick to drop their prices when in competitive situations. Unprofessional sales people drive profit out of sales and drive many away from the industry.

The Secret to Success in Sales

While many seek to find a secret to sales that will allow them to work less and earn more, the truth is that only the way to earn success is by hard work, dedication, and commitment. Brian Tracy suggests that anyone wanting success in sales (or in anything in life,) that they dedicate time every day to learn more about their chosen industry, to start each work day earlier than their competition and to work later than what is expected. Each minute of your work day needs to be focused on improving your sales skills and on advancing your career.

Tracy also strongly suggests that you fill your mind with positive information each day. Instead of watching the news, a reality show or reading a depressing news in the newspaper, you should read inspirational and motivational material that feeds your mind instead of filling it with negativity.

Coming Attractions

In the second part of this interview, you will learn the master key to success in sales. Plainly put, by adopting the belief that everything you do has an impact, you will begin to treat every moment of your professional and business life in a whole new way.