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Everyone has their own priorities when it comes to the sweepstakes they most want to win. Some people love car sweepstakes, where others dream of winning a free vacation or a dream home. To make entering the sweepstakes that interest you the most even easier, all of the contests and sweepstakes are broken down into different categories. Here, you can find a listing of all of those different categories, to help you find the listings that interest you the most.

Complete Sweepstakes List

Visit this list to find a complete listing of all of the contests and sweepstakes available on the Contests website. The sweepstakes are organized by expiration date, with the sweepstakes that are expiring soon listed first. More

Car Sweepstakes - Win Cars, Trucks, Boats, Gas, and More

Visit this sweepstakes listing to find all of our car and vehicle sweepstakes. Whether you dream of driving off in a new sports coupe, you yen for a yacht to call your own, or you long to win a work van for your business, you can find the vehicle sweepstakes to meet your needs here.
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Free Cash Sweepstakes - Win Cash Money

Everybody loves to enter free cash sweepstakes that offer money for prizes. Spend your wins on something you could use for your home, a new wardrobe, a dream vacation, or whatever else you like. This listing shows you the top free sweepstakes that you can enter for the chance to win cold, hard cash. More

New Sweepstakes Added This Week

Visit this page to find the newest sweepstakes. See the past week's worth of new sweepstakes listings, listed day by day. This will help you stay up-to-date with all of the new contests and sweepstakes that are added to our site. More

Sweepstakes Ending Soon

If you really want to win sweepstakes, you should try to enter it as many times as the rules allow. But if you don't have time to enter every day, you can at least get one or two entries so that you have some chance of winning. These sweepstakes are ending soon, so be sure to get your final entries in before it's too late.
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Daily Sweepstakes and Contests

These sweepstakes allow you to enter every day. More entries mean more chances to win for you, so be sure to stop back daily!
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One-Entry Sweepstakes and Contests

One entry sweepstakes give everyone the same chances of winning. These are great to enter if you only have a few minutes to spend. Check back frequently to see if new sweepstakes have been added to the list!
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Weekly Entry Sweepstakes

These sweepstakes accept entry as often as once a week. Pick a specific day of the week, and run through all of the sweepstakes on this page for the best chances to win. More

Monthly Entry Sweepstakes

Find contests and sweepstakes that you can enter once per month. It's a good idea to set a specific day of the month to enter all of these sweepstakes, like the first of the month. More

BIG Sweepstakes List

Find big sweepstakes, where prize values are high. Win cars, cash, VIP vacations, and more with prizes worth between $10,000 and $29,999. More

Mega Sweepstakes List

Find sweepstakes with huge prizes like houses, cars, boats, stacks of cash, or all of the above. These sweepstakes have prizes worth $30,000 or more. More

US Vacation Sweepstakes

Enter these sweepstakes for your chance to win a dream vacation within the US, from romantic getaways at local bed and breakfasts to walking the red carpet at a Hollywood premiere.
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Win a Cruise Sweepstakes

How would you like to win a cruise? Enter these cruise sweepstakes for your chance to go on a relaxing cruise for free. Cruise sweepstakes change daily, but often include major cruise lines like Disney and Princess and destinations like the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and more.

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International Travel Sweepstakes

Enter these sweepstakes to win trips abroad. Destinations include sunny Mexico, romantic Paris, exotic trips to the North Pole, and much more. More

Toy and Game Sweepstakes

Whether you love games yourself or you'd love to win toys for a child in your life, these sweepstakes are for you. Get the chance to win board games, Barbies and action figures, comic books, video games and game consoles, and much more.
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Jewelry and Fashion Sweepstakes

Enter these sweepstakes to win jewelry and fashion prizes like designer clothes, shoes, and handbags, makeup and perfumes, diamond rings and golden chokers, t-shirts and caps, and much more. For prizes you can wear, enter jewelry and fashion sweepstakes. More

Win a Free Wedding Sweepstakes

Enter wedding sweepstakes to win prizes to make your wedding day more affordable. Prizes on this list include free wedding gowns, invitations, honeymoons, and complete wedding packages. More

Electronics Sweepstakes Index

Could you use a new computer, or maybe a spiffy new laptop? How about a digital camera to replace the one you bought a couple of years ago, since the resolutions are higher these days and the frames smaller and lighter than ever? Or what about one of the hot new game consoles, like the XBox 360 or the Playstation 3? If so, look at the list of electronics sweepstakes to find the hottest current sweepstakes giving away great gadgets, gizmos, and other electronics prizes. More

Free iPad Sweepstakes

Apple iPad tablet computers are hot, hot, hot, and you could win one for free just for entering these sweepstakes. More

House & Garden Sweepstakes

Win contests and sweepstakes that will help you around your house and garden, from new Jacuzzis and swimming pools to new kitchen appliances, furniture, home decor, and renovations. Everything you need to make your home and garden beautiful can be found with these sweepstakes.
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NASCAR Sweepstakes

Enter to win NASCAR Racing prizes, like trips to NASCAR events, meet-and-greets with top NASCAR drivers, and collectibles and memorabilia. More

Sports Sweepstakes

Here, sports fans can find the sweepstakes that feature sports-related prizes. Everything from Superbowl tickets to trips to baseball games to basketball gear to the chance to hang out with your favorite sports stars will be put under this category. More

Instant Win Sweepstakes List

Instant win sweepstakes are a lot of fun to enter. Finding out immediately if you have won helps to keep you motivated to enter sweepstakes, and are really thrilling to enter. Find tons of instant win sweepstakes that you can enter today in this sweepstakes listing.
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Lots of Prizes List

This is the place to find sweepstakes that are giving away lots of prizes. The more prizes awarded, the higher the chance of winning, so be sure to enter these sweepstakes as often as the rules allow!
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Current Creative Contests

Writing contests, recipe contests, photo or video contests - find them, and many other creative contests, here. Show off your creativity or learn new skills and have the chance to win fabulous prizes while doing it!
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Canadian Sweepstakes List

Sweepstakes laws vary from place to place, and sponsors like to target their marketing to appeal to different segments of the population. This means that most sweepstakes are restricted to entry from specific countries, or even very targeted parts of those countries. This list is dedicated to Canadian sweepstakes and contests that are open to residents of Canada.
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Disney Sweepstakes

Disney sweepstakes offer you the chance to win a trip to Disney World or Disneyland for you and your family. Visit the Happiest Place on Earth without paying a cent for your vacation! More

Kids Sweepstakes - Sweepstakes for Kids and Teens

This list contains all of the current kids' sweepstakes - contests and sweepstakes that people under 18 years old are eligible to enter. More

Gift Certificate Sweepstakes Sweepstakes

Enter for your chance to win gift certificates to your favorite stores. Win prizes like trips to go on shopping sprees in posh cities worldwide, free movie tickets, dinners at your favorite restaurants, and much more. More

Win Free Groceries and Free Food and Drink

Enter food sweepstakes to win prizes like meals at your favorite restaurants, free chocolate and candy bars, free grocery store shopping sprees, and much more. More

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