Content Inspiration for Your Ecommerce Blog

Don't Publish Blog Posts Just Because You Are on a Schedule

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If you can simply gain inspiration from these three sources, you will probably never have to look elsewhere to ensure that you have a regularly updated blog.

Get Inspired by Actual Customer Conversations

Your customers are talking to you, directly or indirectly, all the time. These conversations could take place through emails to customer service, comments on blog posts, or on common social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn...).

Inspiration comes easy if you listen to your customers and create blog posts around what they are saying. When your blog post is responding to a specific customer query, point that out to the customer and make her/him feel special. It is not every day that a business goes through the process of composing a long response to a customer's comments.

Anticipate Customer's Questions and Answer Them

Several ecommerce websites have some kind of a Q & A section in place. Often, this is hidden inside the "About Us" page of the ecommerce website. But the suave ecommerce professional knows that customers have a steady stream of fresh questions. Wouldn't it be refreshing to anticipate customer's questions, and respond to them in advance by using a blog post?

So if Christmas were around the corner, quite likely, customers would want to know the latest date by which they need to order to ensure that goods reach them before Christmas.

Also, when Cyber Monday and Black Friday are causing sales to spike, customers might specifically be interested in your return's policy. That, too, provides a time-sensitive reason for you to publish a blog post.

These are just two examples of anticipating customer questions, and responding to them. There are many more.

Correlate Your Offerings to What Is Presently in the News

This might seem a little controversial, but it has proven to be highly effective at times. Please use your discretion, and use this wisely. This strategy has led to the coining of a word: newsjacking. The basic idea here is that you take some hot trending topic, and correlate it to something that you sell. Because it is a hot topic, millions of people are reading about it, and discussing it online. If your take on the topic catches your audience's fancy, it could lead to a spike in traffic. And some of that traffic would convert.

The risk with newsjacking is that overzealous bloggers sometimes stretch it too far. Because time is of the essence in newsjacking, on many occasions, inadequate attention is placed on the tastefulness of such pieces. That coupled with the fact that newsjacking pieces are often written in tongue-in-cheek style, which may lead to unintended consequences.

If You Do Not Already Have a Blog, Get Inspired to Have One

In this article, I have assumed that you have a blog as part of your website. But several smaller ecommerce players don't yet blog. If that is the case with you, I hope that this article has demonstrated that it is not difficult to come up with topics to blog about.

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