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Question:  What’s the best way to send a message and communicate directly with the head of Starbucks Coffee stores?  What is the Email, Fax, Phone & Address for contacting CEO Howard Schultz directly?

Customers, investors, and employees of Starbucks very often have something they’d like to say about the Starbucks companies or their experiences in Starbucks stores.  And sometimes they’d like to know that their message - either positive or negative - has reached the CEO, Howard Schultz, without getting lost in corporate red tape.

So some of the most frequently asked questions about the retail and restaurant industry is about how to communicate directly with the Starbucks CEO.

Answer: You can send a message directly to Howard Schultz via e-mail, telephone, or physical mailing address using the information below.

Email Contact Information for CEO Howard Schultz:

Telephone Number to Use to Talk to Howard Schultz:


Number to Use to Send a Fax to CEO Howard Schultz:


Physical Address to Send Mail Directly to Howard Schultz:

Starbucks Coffee Company

2401 Utah Avenue South 

Seattle, WA 98134-1436

Howard Schultz Home Address:

1500 42ND AVE E

Seattle, WA 98112

Contacting Howard Schultz Through Social Media

Since Starbucks is well known for both its high customer service standards and its exemplary social media engagement, posting a message to Howard on the Starbucks Twitter or Facebook accounts is likely to get noticed and passed on.

Starbucks Twitter Feed >>

Facebook Page for Starbucks >>

Related Social Media Contact Information:

Why Howard Schultz Is Accessible to Customers

Certainly, it's easy to understand why "celebrity CEOs" would not want to communicate directly with the massive number of consumers who come in contact with their company every day.

 If a CEO spent his entire day involved with individual customers who had complaints, commendations, suggestions, questions, or who just wanted to chat, there would be no time left for things like leading the global operations of a multi-billion dollar corporation. 

Despite the obvious reasons why a world famous CEO like Howard Schultz wouldn't want direct public contact, there are a few different reasons why Howard Schultz would want to be so accessible to the consuming public.  

  • Customer demand for transparency and accessibility
  • Direct communication discourages public broadcasting of issues that Starbucks would prefer to resolve quietly

Howard Schultz's Leadership Philosophy That Makes Him Want to Be Contacted

As for Howard Schultz in particular, his accessibility is in alignment with both his leadership and life philosophy, as exemplified by these quotable quotes:

  • "I've traveled around the world, and what's so revealing is that, despite the differences in culture, politics, language, how people dress, there is a universal feeling that we all want the same thing. We deeply want to be respected and appreciated for our differences."
  • "Great companies that build an enduring brand have an emotional relationship with customers that has no barrier. And that emotional relationship is built on the most important characteristic, which is trust. "
  • "We must maintain a value proposition to our customers as well as differentiate the Starbucks Experience. That is the key."

Contact Information for Other Retailing Company CEOs 

In the Age of Customer Empowerment, Howard Schultz is certainly not the only retailing company CEO who has established  a direct communication channel with customers.  Here is the direct contact information for some more of the CEOs of the largest U.S. retailing companies: CEO
Jeff Bezos

Apple Inc. CEO
Tim Cook

Bed Bath and Beyond CEO
Steven Howard Temares

Best Buy CEO
Hubert Joly

CVS Caremark CEO
Larry J. Merlo

Costco CEO
Craig Jelinek

Dollar General CEO
Todd J. Vasos

Home Depot CEO
Craig A.

770-443-8211 x15659

JCPenney CEO
Marvin R. Ellison
twitter: @MarvinJCPenney

Kohl's CEO
Kevin Mansell

Lowe's CEO
Robert A. Niblock

Nordstrom CEOs
Peter Nordstrom
Erik Nordstrom
Blake Nordstrom

Ross Stores CEO
Barbara Rentler

Sears Holdings CEO
Edward Lampert
(847) 286-2500

Zappos CEO
Tony Hsieh
Twitter:  @tonyhsieh

Other Retailing Company CEOs With General Contact Information

Not all retailing company CEOs are aligned with the whole transparency and accessibility trend, so if you want to contact the traditional "untouchable" CEOs, you'll need to try to get through the gatekeepers using the contact information that's available on the company website.  At the very least, the list below provides the name of the current CEO, which consumers can use in any of their communications.

BJ's Wholesale Club CEO
Christopher Baldwin

Family Dollar CEO
Howard R. Levine

Art Peck

H.E. Butt Grocery Company  CEO
Charles Butt

Kroger Company CEO
Rodney McMullen

L Brands (Limited Brands)  CEO
Les Wexner

Liberty Interactive Corporation (QVC)  CEO
Greg Maffei 

Macy's CEO
Terry J. Lundgren

Meijer CEO
Mark Murray

Publix CEO
Todd Jones

Rite Aid CEO
John T. Standley

Safeway CEO
Robert L. Edwards

Southeastern Grocers (Bi-Lo Holdings) CEO
Ian McLeod

Staples CEO
Ron Sargent

Ernie Herrman

Target CEO
Brian Cornell

Toys 'R Us CEO
Dave Brandon

Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. CEO
Stefano Pessina

Whole Foods Market CEO
Walter E. Robb IV

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