How to Contact the CEO of Starbucks

It's surprisingly easy to get your message through

What’s the best way to send a message directly to the head of Starbucks Coffee stores when you want to get through with a complaint, a compliment or an idea? Customers, investors, and employees of Starbucks very often have something they’d like to say about the company or their experiences in Starbucks stores. They like to know that their message—either positive or negative—has reached the CEO, Kevin Johnson, without getting lost in corporate red tape.

Kevin Johnson makes that possible.

About Kevin Johnson

Johnson took over the Starbucks reins from former CEO Howard Schultz in April 2017. He had served on Starbucks' Board of Directors since 2009, and he'd been in place as president and chief operating officer beginning since March 2015. Howard Schultz is now executive chairman of Starbucks. 

Johnson served on the Board of Directors of Juniper Networks before joining Starbucks. He has a bachelor's degree in business communications from New Mexico State University and a history of working in software development and business consulting. He spent 16 years with Microsoft. To date, he has thoroughly embraced Starbucks' goal of human connection with its customers and employees. 

Johnson finds time to give back to the community as well. He actively works with Catalyst, a nonprofit organization that assists women in business, as well as Youth Eastside Services, an organization providing youth and family counseling in Seattle.


He says he is passionate about "the tens of millions of interactions, large and small, that happen between partners and customers every week." Yes, Starbucks considers its employees to be partners. 

You can send a message directly to Kevin Johnson using these e-mail, telephone, and physical mailing address.

Email Contact Information for CEO Kevin Johnson


Telephone Number to Call Kevin Johnson

  • 206-447-1575

Fax Number for Kevin Johnson 

  • 206-682-757

Physical Address to Send Mail Directly to Kevin Johnson

Starbucks Coffee Company

2401 Utah Avenue South 

Seattle, WA 98134-1436

Contacting Kevin Johnson Through Social Media

Starbucks is well known for both its high customer service standards and its exemplary social media engagement, so posting a message to Kevin on the Starbucks Twitter or Facebook accounts is likely to receive a response.

Why CEOs Are Accessible to Their Customers 

It's easy to understand why "celebrity CEOs" would not want to communicate directly with the massive number of consumers who come in contact with their company every day. If a CEO spent his entire day dealing with individual customers who have complaints, commendations, suggestions or questions, there would be no time left for things like leading the global operations of a multi-billion dollar corporation. 

Despite the obvious reasons why a world famous CEO like Kevin Johnson wouldn't want direct public contact, there are a few reasons why he wants to be accessible, including customer demand for transparency and accessibility.

Direct communication also discourages public broadcasting of issues that Starbucks would prefer to resolve quietly. Think about it—are you likely to post your complaint or grievance on the Internet if the company's CEO is willing to hear you out and resolve the issue? Why not go straight to the top if the CEO leaves the door open?