Congratulations Letter Examples for Accomplishments

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Sending a congratulations letter or note to someone about their accomplishments on a project lets them know that their hard work has made an impact and a positive impression on the people they work with.

All too often, employees work tirelessly on a project, and when it’s complete, they just keep going on to the next with no recognition or appreciation. Make it a point to mark even the small achievements with congratulations and thanks.

Your employees will appreciate knowing that their accomplishments don’t go unnoticed.

The Best Way to Say Congratulations

When sending a congratulations letter, you have the choice of sending it via email or postal service. Both methods have their strong points. An email note is quick, conveying your feelings immediately, in the moment of accomplishment. The recipient is rewarded with instant gratification for a job well done.

Sending your letter through the postal service will slow it down a day or two, but can bring with it the caring, personal, and tangible expression of a handwritten note. Another option is to send a formal business letter of congratulations, which is appropriate for filing for later use in a portfolio or as an endorsement for employment.

If you are sending the congratulations by email, put “Congratulations” or “Thank You” and the title of the project in the subject line.

When sending a card, you can put the date in the upper right-hand corner (if you want to include it) and your salutation on the left, followed by the body of your letter. A formal typewritten letter should follow business conventions. However, you choose to convey your congratulations, be absolutely certain to send it within 24 hours of the completion of the project.

Waiting will diminish the impact of your sentiments.

What to Include in the Letter 

In the body of your letter, you should mention the person’s role in the project, what was accomplished, and express your congratulations on successful completion. Depending on the scope of the project, you can also mention what it will mean to the company at large, or to the department specifically. Keep it succinct, and end your letter with an appropriate closing and your name or signature.

Congratulation Letter Examples

Here are some examples of congratulations letters you can send to someone who has done excellent work on a project.

Example #1

Dear Tobie,

Congratulations on doing such a great job on developing a new project plan for your group.

The extra time you've been putting in on this has really paid off, and I believe that you have presented an ambitious and attainable set of goals for your team and the company.



Example #2

Dear Maggie,

Congratulations on the completion of the construction of the new marketing wing of XYZ! I know how much time you put into the plans for the building, and I really appreciate the innovation and attention to detail you brought to the project. We knew you were the right person for the job!

Thank you so much for your and your staff’s hard work. We look forward to future projects with you.