5 Easy to Start Computer Home Based Business Ideas

Home Business Ideas for the Computer Enthusiast

The dream of Steven Jobs and Bill Gates has been realized in that most households in the U.S. now have a computer. But that doesn't mean everyone is tech-savvy enough to do all the things they want to do on it. If you enjoy working on and are good at computers and online tasks, a computer business is the ideal business for you. 

The pros of starting a computer is business include:

  • Many can be done virtually from anywhere you want to live and work.
  • Flexible - set your own hours.
  • In demand - the need to knowledgeable and experienced computer techs continues to grow.
  • Good pay. 

There are a few cons to staring a computer business, such as:

  • Requires knowledge and experience. While you don't need a degree, you do need to know the technology.
  • The competition for clients is getting stiffer.
  • The equipment and software can be expensive.
  • Requires good people skills and patience as many people struggle to understand technology.

However, if you have the knowledge, skill and equipment necessary, you can start your computer service business fairly quickly and affordably. Here are five ideas you can start now.

Computer Tutor/Trainer Business

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Just because we live in a computer age doesn't mean that everyone is computer-savvy. That's where the computer tutor comes in. A home based computer tutor teaches individuals and businesses how to best use their computer programs and the Internet, typically by appointment at the client's location.

Your clients can be diverse, including children as well as seniors who haven't stayed current in the digital age. Or you can be hired by businesses that need help learning specific programs or computer-related tasks. You can even work with groups if you have the space and are allowed to have clients in your home or can find a space to use for a reasonable price. For example, you can do classes a senior center.

Tutoring does require patience, especially since technology has it's own set of terms that many don't know or understand. 

Computer Repair Business

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While companies often require their computer techs to have a college degree in computer science, a computer repair home based business owners' customers often just want someone who can fix, clean or replace their hardware and software on time, on budget, with a smile.

Plenty of computer geniuses who were employed in high tech have lost their jobs. Many lost their jobs to overseas call centers whose employees were willing to work for a fraction of the cost.

Along with repair, you can offer computer and network set up, including security setup to help keep clients' computer virus and malware-free.  More

Desktop Publishing Business

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If you're computer skills include creativity as well as an understanding of page layout and graphics, desktop publishing is a viable home business idea to consider. 

While there are many DIY programs and services for desktop publishing, many businesses need customized creations. Among the many tasks desktop publishers perform are producing books, newsletters, magazines, brochures, Internet content, and graphic design for logos and signage. Many online entrepreneurs need help in creating their products such as planners, charts and more. You might even work for private individuals creating personalized gifts (i.e. photo calendar), announcements or invitations, and other items.

Internet Marketing Services Business

Internet Marketing Home Business
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This computer home based business isn't so much about computers themselves, but the techniques necessary for successful Internet marketing. It's all about knowing what's available, such as SEO, PPC, website promotion and social networking.

An advantage over other ideas, such as tutoring, is that you can work with clients all over the world. You're not restricted to servicing clients only in your local neighborhood. With that said, being able to meet clients at their business, can be helpful, especially when starting out. 

You can offer a full-service Internet marketing business or you can specialize, such as social media management or email marketing. More

Home Based Web Design and/or Programming Business

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Similar to desktop publishing, many DIY tools have made building a website easier for non-tech types, but there is still opportunity for web designers and programmers, especially as the number of online businesses grows. Many online entrepreneurs can set up a basic site, but aren't able to customize it to their needs. Others need bells and whistles that only an experienced designer or programmer can offer. 

As you get knowledgeable and build a great web design portfolio, you can service larger business clients from the comfort of your home office.

With this computer home based business you decide whether you want to work only with local clients with whom you'll meet face-to-face, on a worldwide or nationwide basis offering your services virtually from home all the time, or a combination of both. More