Making Yourself More Marketable to Employers by Completing an Internship

Internships for New Graduates

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If you’ve recently graduated from college and have not yet been able to find a job, you may want to consider doing an internship. Internships can provide relevant experience to place on your resume while you are waiting for the right job to come along. Many employers who are not hiring for fulltime employees, still hire interns to help them get the work done.

Getting an internship after graduation can provide an opportunity to gain new skills and make yourself more marketable.

It’s considered better to be working in the field even if it is as an intern, than it is to be seeking employment or doing some mundane work just to get a paycheck. Although there are many paid internships, it may still be worth your while even if you have to accept an internship that is unpaid. Perhaps you can work at a local restaurant to help you pay the bills while you’re gaining additional skills at an internship that will better qualify you for the job.

You can search for internships by using several of the many internship databases that are available. You can also check out the job sites and enter the word “intern”. In a down economy when many employers are not hiring full-time employees, they still will look for interns to help fill the gap they are experiencing in the workforce. Networking with family, friends, faculty, alumni from your college, as well as acquaintances, is another valuable strategy when looking to find an internship.

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