Your Guide to Killer Social Media Writing Skills

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Are your social media updates being read? Social media writing is a new art form and you must master it to get people to pay attention to your updates across all social media platforms. Use this complete guide to killer social media writing skills that get your updates noticed and help you create content that goes viral.

Follow Social Networking Rules

Are you losing followers or tweeting into thin air because you're breaking the rules of social networking?

Social media writing seems like your personal soapbox but there are five major rules (below) you need to follow to build your audience and make yourself known as an authority in your industry.

Develop a Social Media Strategy

Your social media accounts are up and running. You're ready to send out your first tweets and updates. But, do you have a social media strategy? If you're thinking your strategy is to just start tweeting, consider this: more than one billion tweets are sent every 2-3 days. Without a proper social media strategy, you may just be talking to yourself instead of connecting with your audience.

Dig to Strengthen Your Social Media Writing Skills

Social media presents media pros with a new opportunity to find story ideas, sources, quotes and more. Digging for these golden nuggets takes your social media writing skills to a new level. Ignoring this basic research cripples your tweets and updates.

Start tapping into the pool of content to catapult yourself ahead of those who are merely posting to hear themselves talk.

Learn the Tricks of Social Media Writing for Twitter

It seems simple enough -- write something that will engage your readers in 140 characters or less. When you are frantically trying to condense that 170-character tweet, though, you may start to wonder if writing a novel would be easier.

News writing for Twitter is the ultimate, fast-paced form of social media writing. You have to produce tweets that stand out or you will get lost in your followers' timelines.

Give Proper Attribution

Don't have original content to share via social media outlets? Part of mastering social media writing is knowing how to attribute your online sources properly. Not only can attribution protect you, it's also a great way to build a network with your sources as well as build trust with your followers.

Go Beyond Social Media Writing for Yourself

Are you a one-man band trying to change the world with your social media prowess? A lot of people who call themselves social media experts ignore the word "social" altogether. They hop to the microphone without ever harnessing the power of social media. Social media writing should not be one-sided.

Use Social Media Writing to Build Your Brand

Whether you're on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or all of the social media outlets, you should always use your social media writing skills to build your brand. Quick-thinking social media writers may be writing about what's happening now but great social media writing strengthens your brand with each tweet or status update.

Think of social media writing as a long-term project that makes you the number one source and refer often to this complete guide for killer social media writing skills. Yesterday's tweets and updates may be forgotten but you don't want to become old news along with them.