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Founded in 1996, Juniper Networks Inc. is a Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company that sells high-performance networking products and services. The firm's customers include small, medium, and large private-sector enterprises, as well as the public sector and service providers. Juniper competes head-to-head with Cisco Systems Inc. on several fronts.

The Products

Juniper Networks primarily focuses on network design and operation, network management, and security.

Their hardware products include routers, Ethernet switches, wide-area network optimization devices, security offerings, and session and resource control appliances.

Most of the products have the Junos network operating system running on them. Junos, which enables the routing, switching, security, and networking services to work together, is based on FreeBSD, an open-source operating system that works a lot like Unix.

The Services

Professional teams are available to help customers navigate their network options. Their three-step process: (1) Plan - map out a design for a new or updated network or security environment (2) Build - guides you through the hardware and software you’ll need to have the best experience with Juniper products; and (3) Operate - provides customer support to keep your network running efficiently.

Juniper also offers other services, which are split into three categories:

  • Core & Edge: Helps service providers operate more quickly and efficiently, increase customer satisfaction, and achieve greater network productivity

  • Data Center: Helps companies design and implement data center architectures

  • Security: Helps organizations assess security risks and provide solutions

Market Position and Achievements:

In April 2009, analyst firm Gartner Inc.

positioned Juniper as a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for Network Prevention System Appliances, highlighting Juniper's demonstrated track record of successful enterprise deployments, its innovative products and its ability to anticipate customer challenges. Juniper was also named a Leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Network Access Control in March 2009; Gartner acknowledged Juniper's commitment to network access control and its strong understanding of future market direction.

In addition, Juniper is known as a good place to work; the company made it onto Fortune magazine's 2009 "100 Best Companies to Work For" list, mainly for its "unusual culture." Since then, employees have cited good organization, a fair work-life balance, and decent benefits and pay.

However, as one employee pointed out on Glassdoor, “The networks industry has matured so the company is not growing as much as other companies in the valley.” These days, Juniper doesn’t have as much of a corner on the market as it once did, so it may not be the most competitive as far as salary or career advancement goes. That said, it is described as a good place to start out and put your skills to good use.

Job Opportunities

Juniper emphasizes its "collaborative and flexible work environment" and the fact that it provides its employees with "significant degrees of freedom and opportunities to flex their creative muscles." The company typically looks for people with skills in areas such as network solution design, ASIC physical design, security technology design and implementation, software development, and system testing or development.

You can view Juniper's latest job postings on the careers section of the company's web site or on job search sites such as

Tips for Applying

Beyond the specific technical skills and experience related to the job you're applying for, try to highlight the following in your resume and/or cover letter:

  • Education: Juniper typically looks for a Computer Science or Computer/Software/Electrical Engineering background, depending on the position.

  • Career path: something that demonstrates your progress in terms of handling more responsibilities.

  • Critical thinking and analytical decision-making skills.

  • Creative thinking.

  • Interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Ability to work well within a diverse group.

Juniper's site and Monster don’t always have the same jobs posted, so check both for best results.


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