College Senior Resume Example

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The following is a resume sample for a recent college graduate. The resume includes an education section, related experience and other experience sections, GPA, and study abroad information.

College Senior Resume Example

Amanda Student
123 College Street
State College, PA 12345


University of State, Philadelphia, PA
May 20XX
Candidate for Bachelor of Arts in Biology 
GPA: 3.48/4, Dean's List, Senior Honor Awards Finalist

City High School, New York, New York
May 20XX
Student Body President, Graduated with honors

Administrative Experience

University of State Annual Fund
Fundraising Management, Philadelphia, PA

  • Supervising Team Leader
    January 20XX - Presen
    Assist the University of State Annual Fund in its fundraising goals; currently train, coordinate, and motivate over 60 student callers; conduct database management and statistical analysis; monitor success for a goal-oriented team.
  • Student Fundraising Specialist
    October 20XX - January 20XX
    Fostered telephone outreach and relation-building skills in development, personally raised over $75,000 to date.

Treatment Research Center
University of State Health System, Philadelphia, PA       

  • Research Intern                                                                                                                       February 20XX - Present
    Provide assistance to addiction clinic Researchers and Technicians; duties include data processing and maintenance, organization of patient records, and the development and understanding of all Center initiatives.

    College Housing

    • Resident Advisor 
      March 20XX- Present
      Participated in diversity awareness and leadership training; currently organize and execute floor and house-wide events, provide academic and personal counseling for residents in a community-oriented 700-resident building.

    Volunteerism and Leadership

    • Town Elementary School, Philadelphia, PA                 
      January 20XX - June 20XX
      Tutored and mentored 2nd and 3rd graders in accordance with a developing reading program for struggling urban students.
    • New Students Orientation                                                                                                       August 20XX, August 20XX
      Selected to participate in peer-leadership, team-building, and multicultural-conscientiousness workshops; mentored incoming new students; aided coordinators with new student orientation events and training of other leaders

    Additional Information

    • Biology Department Essay Contest, Runner-Up with Honorable Mention
    • Computer proficiency including Apple and Windows, all MS Office applications, and Photoshop
    • Spanish proficiency

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