College Career Office Programs and Services

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If you are a college student or alumnus (in many cases, regardless of when you graduated) your college or university career services office can help you with job searching and planning a career or a career change.

Career Office Resources
Most career offices provide individual career counseling (including graduate school and choice of major advising and job search coaching), drop in sessions for quick meetings with a counselor, seminars, workshops, a career resource center and computer lab, on-campus and off-campus recruiting and networking programs, job and internship listings, resume, cover letter and personal statement critiques.

Distance Advising for Grads
For college graduates who aren't close enough for in-person visits to the career office, distance advising may be available via phone, email, Skype and/or instant message.

Career Networking Programs
Career networking programs are typically held off-campus as well as on-campus. Your Alumni Affairs and Career Services office will have information on upcoming events and programs where you can network with alumni who are more than willing to help with your career building and job search endeavors. Also, check to see if there is an online alumni Career Network you can access for assistance.

List of College Career Services Offered

  • Personal career advising
  • Career and company research resources
  • Job shadowing programs
  • Campus and off-campus recruiting programs
  • Job, internship and summer job listings
  • Job fairs
  • Job search assistance
  • Access to recruiting programs
  • Resume and cover letter writing assistance
  • Graduate school advising
  • Career / social networking - alumni networking resources, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook groups and pages
  • Career networking advice, assistance, and programs
  • Workshops and seminars

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