7 Gift Ideas for Your Clients

Client Gift Ideas to "Wow" Your Most Important Clients

There are times when you want to buy your most important clients a special and meaningful gift. It may be in celebration of the holidays, for a birthday or anniversary, or just as a thank-you for their business.

Start your search by browsing this collection of 15 client gift ideas that will help you show your appreciation.

Personalized Stationery

One of my own favorite gifts to receive is personalized stationery and cards that I can use for individual thank you notes and special messages. And I can never have enough variety! A set of personalized note cards like these can be an excellent gift that your clients will appreciate over and over again.

Coffee and Tea Gift Basket

A coffee and tea gift basket is a great option for clients who love their daily hot beverages. This one comes with a variety of Starbucks coffee and Tazo tea, plus an assortment of cookies.

Business Books

Do you have a favorite business book that you frequently recommend to colleagues? Or is there a particular book you keep on your desk and refer to often as you work? Your top-pick business books can make an excellent gift for important clients. If the one shown here doesn't fit the bill, explore this list of 10 more recommended business books.

Breakfast of the Month Club

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Busy business owners love to find ways to streamline their mornings so they can get to being productive faster, and a ready-to-eat breakfast can help. Wolferman's makes the most delicious muffins and breakfast breads, and your clients are sure to appreciate getting a basket of delicious treats each month. More

Flowers or Plants

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One of my favorite go-to client gifts is a seasonal plant that can be used to brighten a home or office. Plants and flowers that can be transferred to a garden are also a great gift idea for clients who have a green thumb.

Pen Gift Set

A nice, quality pen set is one of the gifts everyone can use, but few people will buy for themselves, making it a great client gift idea. There are so many different kinds of pens, and if you take the time to pick one that suits your client's taste, you can give a memorable gift that will be appreciated every time the client writes with it.

Fruit Basket

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A fruit basket may not be a unique idea, but when filled with delicious fresh fruit, it can be a great gift to give clients. You can select fruit that is grown in a different climate to make it even more appreciated. Plus, there are many different sizes and types of fruit baskets, making this the perfect client gift for any budget.