Cigna Dental Insurance Policy Review

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Company Overview

Cigna Insurance traces its beginnings back to the beginnings of its parent company, The Insurance Company of North America (INA) founded in 1792. It provides global coverage for health insurance, dental, life and disability insurance products.

It has received top ratings from these insurance rating organizations:

The company has also received customer services awards and recognition from J.D. Power & Associates for four consecutive years. rated Cigna with an 84 out of 100 overall consumer satisfaction rating. 

Cigna Dental Plans

Cigna provides dental insurance throughout the United States and also in other locations worldwide. It does not offer coverage in the states of New York or Washington. It offers three plans to fit your dental insurance needs and budget:

  • myCigna Dental Preventive: This plan offers 100% coverage for preventive and diagnostic services. Discounts are available for both restorative and orthodontic services.
  • myCigna Dental 1000: This plan has a $50 individual deductible and a family deductible of $150 yearly. The annual maximum benefit if $1,000. You receive coverage for preventive care, diagnostic and restorative services. There is also a discount for orthodontic work when using an in-network provider.
  •  myCigna Dental 1500: This plan also has a $50 individual deductible and a family deductible of $150 yearly. The annual maximum benefit if $1,000. You receive coverage for preventive care, diagnostic and restorative services. The major difference from Dental 1000 is this plan includes a $1,000 lifetime orthodontic care benefit to members of all ages.

    Benefits and Options

    • myCigna has a convenient mobile application that makes it easy to find an in-network dentist. You can also check your coverage and display your insurance ID card with this app.
    • You can receive your medical and dental insurance statements combined.
    • There is no need to submit claims. This is handled through Cigna network providers automatically.
    • With the application, you have access to online bills and claims and have the ability to make payments online as well.
    • No referral is required to see an out-of-network dentist for any specialized care.
    • You have a very large Cigna network to choose from with over 72,000 dentists in the Cigna preferred provider network.
    • You can choose an in-network or out-of-network dentist. Of course, you will receive greater savings when choosing a dentist in-network.
    • Some discounts available may also apply to out-of-network providers.

    Pros and Cons


    Cigna is a financially sound insurance company and has a very large dental provider network with over 70,000 dentists. While you can choose an in-network or an out-of-network provider, your greatest savings are realized by using a dentist from the PPO network. Dental plans cover routine exams, x-rays and cleanings twice yearly.

      The basic plan, myCigna Dental Preventive, pays 100% but only covers preventive services. Cigna offers global coverage, so this is something to keep in mind if you may need to travel abroad or move overseas.


    You can choose to use an in-network or out-of-network provider. However, out-of-network charges may be applicable if more than the reimbursable amount allowed by Cigna. All plans and options may not be available in every state and there is no coverage in New York or Washington. While it has good basic dental coverage, it doesn’t cover as much of the costs as some other providers.

    Contact Information

    To learn more about Cigna’s dental insurance options or its other health insurance products, you can visit the Cigna website or call 1-800-243-6998.