Christy Rakoczy

Student and personal loans, insurance, and budgeting
Freelance writer
UCLA School of Law, University of Rochester


  • Has 12 years of experience writing about personal finance
  • Earned a JD at UCLA School of Law
  • Served as a subject matter expert for online personal finance courses


Christy Rakoczy is a personal finance writer with more than 12 years of experience. While she enjoys writing about anything money-related, her focus is on student loans, insurance, and budgeting. 

Christy began her online writing career focusing on legal subjects after earning her law degree. However, she quickly transitioned into the personal finance sphere, writing for Money Crashers, Money Talks News, Mic, and Student Loan Hero. She has been writing for The Balance since January of 2020. 

She has also worked as an adjunct professor teaching both English classes as well as paralegal studies. And in addition to writing for the web, she has served as a subject matter expert overseeing the development of online courses on a variety of finance and business-related topics. 

While she grew up in New York, she now splits her time between Pennsylvania and Florida. She and her husband have one son, as well as two very loud dogs.