All Christmas Day Store Hours December 25th: Family Dollar, CVS, 7-11

Convenience, Drug, Discount Stores Always Open for Christmas Day Shopping

Family Dollar, CVS, 7-11, All Christmas Day Store Hours December 25th
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    Although it's somewhat of a comedic cliche that the only retail stores open for business on Christmas Day are gas station convenience stores, drug stores, and discount stores, the truth of the matter is that in 2015 the stores that U.S. consumers can depend on to be open during regular store hours on December 25th are mostly gas station convenience stores, pharmacies and discount stores.  

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        Family Dollar, CVS, 7-11 and Walgreens are just a few of the retail chains that will be open on December 25th each year.

         Most of the retail stores open on Christmas Day will be open for regular store hours, which in many cases, means that the store "opening" times are 12:00 midnight and the "closing times" are 12:00 midnight.  

        In other words, it is the business model of  many of the retail stores open on Christmas Day to never close, not even for Christmas.

         Shoppers who visit these retail stores during Christmas Day store hours will be buying last-minute gifts, Christmas dinner fill-in foods, and general life essential products that they believe they couldn't live without if there were no retail stores open for a 24-hour period on December 25th.

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