How Event Planners Choose Spa Treatments for Corporate Events

Incorporating Spa Activities into Incentive Trips, and Conferences

Many conferences and incentive travel programs include spa treatments as an activity option for event attendees and guests. If spa activities will be a option for your corporate guests, it will be important for the event planner to understand the range of spa treatments offered, which can range from spa to spa.

Although most spas offer an extensive number of tailored or signature services, event planners will frequently pre-select between three and five choices for guests from the most common offering categories, which include:

  • Massage
  • Facial
  • Manicure/Pedicure
  • Spa Signature Service
  • Personal Training Session

Let's look at these services more closely to determine which may best suit your guests.

Swedish Massage (suggest 50 minute option)

A Swedish massage.
A Swedish massage. Blend_Images/Getty Images

The Swedish massage is the most recognizable type of massage, designed to ease tension and stress. The therapist uses a massage oil and gently massages in long strokes.

Many event planners will include this option as one of the spa treatment options for guests. Consider this choice if guests may not frequent spas on a regular basis because they will easily recognize what to expect from this classic spa treatment.

Hot Stone Massage (suggest 50 or 80 minute option)

A hot stone massage.
A hot stone massage. Celia Peterson/Getty Images

The hot stone massage is an interesting twist to the Swedish massage. Using the techniques of Swedish massage, the therapist will sanitize and heat various sized, smooth stones rather than their own hands. These stones are placed on various places of the back, legs, arms and hands.

Meeting planners should consider this option if they want to offer their guests a unique and memorable spa experience. If time and budget allows, it is also preferable to schedule 80 minute appointments which may also include a hot stone and cold stone combination.

Facial (suggest 50 minute option)

A facial.
A facial. Blasius Erlinger/Getty Images

Performed by an esthetician, a facial service is one in which the esthetician cleanses and exfoliates the skin through the use of steam, masks, and a variety of high-quality skincare products. The therapist will also provide facial massage techniques to help relax the facial muscles, and may also provide a head, neck and hand massage.

Facials can be offered to both women and men, with the service being tailored to their skin's unique needs. Facials are popular with guests who may not be as comfortable in a massage environment.

Manicure and Pedicure (combine 30 minute manicure and 50 minute pedicure)

A manicure and pedicure.
A manicure and pedicure. CarlinaShots/Getty Images

As the name implies, a manicure and pedicure combination (otherwise known as a mani-pedi) is a salon service that event planners may offer to guests.

Manicure options range from 30 to 50 minutes depending on the level of service selected, but it is reasonable to select the standard 30-minute treatment. This will be followed by the pedicure treatment, which frequently takes 50 minutes.

Some guests just are not comfortable with any form of massage or body treatment, so it is definitely important to offer this as one of the options available to guests. And, quiet as the news may be kept, men are increasingly indulging in the service - generally opting for no polish.

Signature Service (suggest 50 minute option)

A signature service.
A signature service. Johner Images/Getty Images

Whether it’s a massage, body treatment, or facial, many spas will offer services that are unique to the venue and region. Many spas will offer a popular treatment that ultimately becomes a signature service. Consider whether your venue's signature treatment would be an appropriate yet unique option for your group.

Personal Training Session (suggest 50 minute option)

A personal trainer.
A personal trainer. Barry Austin/Getty Images

There are always a few guests who may be more interested in the fitness center than traditional spa options. In those cases, a personal training session is an excellent service option. Personal trainers who work at resorts will have a high level of energy and offer a unique workout experience for their clients. Make sure that the trainers are certified and capable of working with clients in all fitness conditions.