Choice Home Warranty Review

Two plan options with 24/7 claims service

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Choice Home Warranty is one of the more popular options for homeowners looking to “insure” their various appliances, utilities, and other integral parts of a house. Since there’s so much to consider when choosing a company for your home warranty coverage, we wanted to thoroughly evaluate and review the offerings by Choice Home Warranty to see if they’re up to snuff. We looked at available plans (what’s covered), pricing, exclusions, claims handling, customer service, the company’s BBB rating, and even compared to see how Choice Home Warranty stacks up to competitors. So keep reading to find out our full take on Choice home warranty so you can see if the company is a good fit for your home maintenance and repair needs.

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What We Like

  • 24/7 claims service with fast response within the first 24/48 hours

  • Repair work is guaranteed for 90 days on parts and 30 days on labor

  • Add on options like coverage for pool/spa, well/sump pump, septic tank, limited roof-leak coverage, central vacuum, and more

What We Don't Like

  • No BBB accreditation and numerous complaints filed regarding problems with products and services

  • Exclusions such as air conditioning systems, solar heating systems, fireplaces, etc., could mean the problem with your household system may not be covered

  • Territory coverage is listed as nationwide but some states are listed as “service unavailable” when trying to obtain a quote

Company Overview 

Choice Home Warranty has been in business since 2009 and is headquartered in Edison, New Jersey. It offers home warranties to homeowners with two main home warranty plans (total and basic plans) with optional add-on coverage available. 

Available Plans

Real Estate Plans

Choice Home Warranty does have home warranty plans for real estate professionals. With a home warranty in place, buyers/sellers are able to protect themselves against costly repair costs before, during and after the sale of a home. 

Available coverage for buyers & sellers includes these annual fee plans: Choice Ultimate $580, Choice Plus $500, and Choice Plan $420. The service fee for buyer/seller plans is $65. For plan specifics, call 800-275-2980.

Partial List of Exclusions: 

(A complete list of exclusions found can be found here.)


The company has a 24/7 claims service available through a toll-free number (888-531-5403) or by logging into your account. Choice Home Warranty strives to respond to claims within the first 24 hours and always within the first 48 hours after making a claim. Choice Home Warranty’s claims response time is among the best in the industry. If a covered item cannot be repaired, it will be replaced. If the replacement is not available, Choice Home Warranty will offer a cash payment for the replacement cost, which could possibly be less than the retail cost of the item.

Payout Caps/Limitations

The coverage for repairs/replacement through Choice Home Warranty is limited to $15,000/year and is for no more than one unit, system, or appliance, unless additional fees are paid. Certain limits of liability may apply to covered systems and appliances at the company’s discretion. For example, on electrical systems, plumbing systems, ductwork, and well pump coverage; the company will pay no more than $500 per contract term. Limitations of liability exist and are not included in the contract for malfunction or improper operation due to rust or corrosion, collapsed ductwork, and known or unknown pre-existing conditions.

Repair Time

Upon taking your request for service, Choice Home Warranty will contact an authorized service provider within two days during normal business hours and four days on weekends or holidays. The service provider will then schedule an appointment time to complete any needed repairs. The company says it will determine which repairs constitute an emergency (repairs which are essential to your health and safety) and will make all necessary efforts to expedite emergency repairs. Any services performed by a contractor outside of the provider network must be pre-authorized. 

Customer Service

Customer service for Choice Home Warranty can be reached by logging into your account or by calling the service department at 888-373-7924 available 24/7. You may also reach the company by using the company’s contact us form.

BBB Rating

Choice Home Warranty is not BBB accredited but it does have a BBB rating of “B-” based on over 2,000 customer reviews with an average 1-out-of-5 star rating. There are over 5,000 customer complaints on the company’s BBB business profile with the majority of complaints falling under the category of a “problem with a product or service.”

(There is a current BBB Alert for Choice Home Warranty regarding pending government action.)


The cost of Choice Home Warranty includes a service fee of $85 and the cost of plans vary by state and plan option. For example, the cost is $600 per year in New York for the total plan and $495 for the basic plan. In Missouri, Colorado, and Louisiana; the plan cost is $570 for the total plan and $470 for the basic plan. We were unable to obtain pricing for the states of California and Washington; so even though nationwide coverage is advertised, you may find that your area isn’t serviced. Discounts may be available such as one month free service upon initial sign-up. You must obtain a quote for clear pricing on plans.

The Competition: Choice Home Warranty vs. American Home Shield

When comparing home warranties, Choice Home Warranty and American Home Shield both have some things in common, including 24/7 claims service and nationwide coverage (American Home Shield excludes Alaska). American Home Shield’s average yearly cost is $600 while Choice Home Warranty averages $450 per year. Choice Home Warranty’s service recall period is 90-days on parts and 30-days on labor while American Home Shield guarantees both parts and labor for 60 days. Choice Home Warranty offers a few more coverage items than American Home Shield, including limited roof leak coverage, whirlpool baths, and stand-alone freezers. The BBB rating for American Home Shield is better with a “B” rating while Choice Home Warranty has a “B-” rating.

Final Verdict

Choice Home Warranty has reasonable rates and is a good option to consider when searching for home repair coverage. Choice Home Warranty offers flexible nationwide coverage with two home warranty plans (basic and total) and many add-on options (pool/spa, sump pump, central vacuum, to name a few) not available through other home warranty services. However, it’s worth checking the exclusions carefully before signing up to make sure your household items are covered.