Chip Stapleton

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Financial Analyst
Indiana University Bloomington


  • Member of Investopedia's Financial Review Board
  • Expert in Financial Analysis and Modeling
  • Recently took the CFA Level I Exam


As a Financial Advisor, he built a practice helping individuals and businesses achieve their financial goals. Toward the end, he started focusing on helping business owners receive full value for their work upon exiting their business. He has also had the opportunity to train, develop, and support new advisors to build their own practices and help their clients achieve their goals. This included helping with case design, product knowledge, investment analysis, investment recommendation, portfolio construction, asset management, financial statement analysis, business planning, and business exit strategies. He recently took the CFA Level I Exam in February.

As he continued learning more about business strategies and analysis, he discovered that as opposed to helping several businesses at arms length, he could have a greater impact helping one company at a much deeper level. That led to his current transition as a Financial Analyst position at OneBook, a marketplace startup based out of Denver, where he helps them secure their first round of funding.