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Top 5 Cheap Web Hosts for Your Online Business

Edited by Online Business/Hosting Expert Brian T. Edmondson

Everybody needs web hosting. However, with the field getting increasingly crowded, it's becoming more difficult for the small business owners, entrepreneurs, and bloggers to make the right choice.  First-time internet marketers are especially hampered by all the heavy promotion, not knowing what direction to take for such a critical decision.

To help you make a wise choice, I've put together a list of the five (5) most popular budget friendly hosts for those who are looking to host their own websites and blogs.

All five of these mainstream web hosting options are similar in several aspects (e.g. pricing strategy, core features, and scalability). Given the competitive nature of the business, it certainly won't hurt to research each company separately and do some comparative shopping. At worst, if it is too difficult to make a commitment, you can try one service for a few months (forgoing the special 12-month deals) before going for another option.

Hopefully, one of these web hosting leaders can meet your marketing needs, even if you have to go beyond basic packages and WordPress blogging.

Edited by Brian T. Edmondson

Bluehost Web Hosting

Bluehost Web Hosting Review

Utah-based BlueHost has been around since 2003 and has grown to become one of the world's largest providers of basic and cloud-based online solutions. Its' shared Starter package is $3.95 per month for the first year ($5.99 to $7.99 per month afterwards, depending on term length) and includes: one website and domain name (free registration in first year), 100 GB webspace and unlimited bandwidth, 500 MB of e-mail storage, and basically unlimited e-mail accounts.

Internet marketers will also be interested in receiving marketing credits, $50 worth in the first year package for Google etc. You also get a  free website builder, instant set-up, and 24/7 customer support.  Other positive basic features include:

  • Enhanced domain management facilities
  • Strong back-up and data recovery protocols
  • Easy scalability and shared server resource protection

BlueHost's WordPress package is more expensive than most of its competitors ($12.49 per month for the popular blogger package; $24.99 afterward). However, you get premium services right off the bat like 100 million visits monthly capacity, 30 GB storage, enhanced cPanel , SiteLock CDN (content delivery network) and SiteLock Pro security.  If you want to build your website using the WordPress platform Bluehost is a great option.

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GoDaddy Web Hosting

GoDaddy hosting review
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GoDaddy may be the best-known web hosting company in the world, having built its reputation on the strength of its services to first-time users. However, as a billion-dollar corporation that increasingly caters to larger businesses, is it still a wise choice for the new online entrepreneur?

Of course, the company offers its famous “$1 per month” sale for personal users, i.e. 12 months of economy web hosting at the discounted price ($5.99 per month on renewal) with a free domain name, 50 personal themes, unlimited pages, 1 GB disk space, 150 GB bandwidth and a free business e-mail (MS-Office 365).

The more popular business option is $5.99 per month the first year, $9.99 per month afterward. In addition to increased disk space and bandwidth, its website builder allows you to be “mobile-friendly” in one shot. Also popular is Managed WordPress Hosting, which gives you access to the world's most popular blogging platform. Secure, easy to use, and extremely fast (starting at $3.99 per month).

Other GoDaddy benefits of note include:

  •  “One-click” installation of over one-hundred fifty apps, including WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla
  • 24/7 customer hosting support via telephone or chat
  • Reliability and Performance Guarantees (Thirty-second setup, Unlimited bandwidth, Resource Usage alerts, Backup and restore features, etc.)

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HostGator Web Hosting

HostGator Web Hosting Review
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HostGator is another popular web hosting service that discounts its entry-level rates ($7.16 per on a month-to-month basis, down to $3.96 per month for a 3-year commitment). Its features include  unlimited disk space and bandwidth, easy to use control panel (cPanel); and unlimited subdomains, FTP accounts, and e-mail accounts. As of now, domain name purchase and registration are fully priced.

Of interest to newcomers is HostGator's “no contract” feature and 45-day money back guarantee. This gives you added flexibility if you ever decide that this web hosting service is not for you. Mind you, there are strong incentives to stick around:

  • Free Weebly Sitebuilder and other website builder tools
  • One free website and domain transfer; also MySQL and scripts transfers available
  • Complementary scripts installed on demand and a $100 Google Adwords promotion

Basic WordPress hosting prices (Hatchling Plan) matches its web hosting offers, whereas the Baby plan goes up to $7.96 monthly, the Business Plan up to $11.96 monthly. Hassle-free installation, free transfers of existing WordPress websites and code-free creation are included. 

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iPage Web Hosting

iPage Web Hosting Review
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While not as well known as GoDaddy and some other companies, iPage's introductory $1.99 per month Essential Plan offers comparable services. Domain registration is free for the first year, you have unlimited disk space and e-mail addresses, 1GB of Free Cloud Storage from JustCloud and a 30-day money back guarantee to boot. To attract internet marketers, iPage offers a $100 Google Adwords credit plus a $100 Yahoo!/Bing credit.

Everything sounds good, but take note that after the first year the Essential Plan price goes up to between $8.99 per month (3 year plan) and $10.99 per month (1 year). 

The WordPress Starter ($3.75 per month) and WordPress Essentials ($6.95 per month) are solid options for blogging and blog-oriented marketing.  You get the core hosting plan, a customized control panel, and the usual themes and plug-in options.  Speed, security, and support are upgraded with the Essentials plan. 

Renewal rates vary from $8.49 per month (2-year Starter) to $12.49 per month (monthly or 1-year Essential).

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Namecheap Web Hosting

Namecheap Web Hosting Review
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Who is NameCheap? It has gained notoriety for criticizing GoDaddy's opposition the U.S. Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA), but it has had to counter critics who accuse it of tolerating an excessive amount of spam.

Like its major competitors, it discounts its entry-level offer ($9.88 for the first year, $38.88 after the first year). You get 20 GB of RAID protected disk space, unlimited bandwidth and up to three (3) websites.  Other features include:

  • Highest security standards using the latest Dell server technology.
  • cPanel control panel as standard.
  • Instantaneous software installation of WordPress if required.
  • Live customer support 24/7.

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