Cheap Ways to Promote Your Show

Promoting shows can be stressful, especially if you feel you do not have the funds. Good news: you do not need a lot money to successfully market and promote your upcoming show! In fact, you can promote your show for no cost at all and still have the killer turnout of a high cost campaign. Below are a few low-cost ways to get the word out about your upcoming show.

Press Releases

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This is something you can write yourself! Press releases are the best and easiest way to get media attention. Your press release should include all the pertinent information about your show: where, when, cost, etc. Send your press release to local newspapers and magazines. Press releases can be a make or break thing, so it’s important to write an effective one. For tips on writing press releases, you can look here More

Radio Stations

Radio is a powerful industry. So getting the local radio stations to back your promotion will greatly help to draw a crowd. Ask the station if they will support your show by announcing it. This is also a great way to start building relationships with the local stations which could lead to getting airtime if you don’t have it already.  More

Social Media Rules for Musicians

This one is probably obvious. Everyone is on some form of social media now a day, so what better way to get the word out about your upcoming show? As a band, you should have a Facebook page. Make a post on the band’s page about the show. Another good idea would be to create an event page on Facebook and invite people to it that way. Make it an open event that anyone can RSVP to so everyone on Facebook can see the event page, not just the people you invited. If the venue you are performing at has a Facebook page, make sure the date of your show is also on their page. Do the same for any local magazines or newspapers that have active Facebook pages. YouTube, surprisingly, can also be a great way to promote upcoming gigs. Post a video of your band making an announcement of shows coming up. Fans love this because of its personal and a great way to show how excited you are to perform for them. There are so many things you can do with the video, so get creative and have fun! Don’t forget about Twitter and even Instagram. Tweet daily about the show and post pictures to Instagram. Add links in your tweets and photos to the event page on Facebook. More

Street Team

Here is where having support from friends, family, and even your fans come into play. Put together a street team. Friends and family are the best people to ask first for help when creating a street team. Once you grow a solid fan base, you can reach out to fans in whichever city you are playing to form a street team as well. Once you have a team together, come up with a schedule of days you all are going to hit the pavement with flyers and handouts and stick to that schedule! Go into restaurants and shops and see if you can hang a poster in their window or leave flyers at a table. It is really important to ask before you go ahead and assume you can hang something up. If you are polite and respectful, they are more likely to help you in the future as well. Make sure to show your street team how grateful you are for their help. Offer them some band merch, a CD, a free ticket to the show, or even just give them a shout out during the performance. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but make sure you show them your appreciation. More

Other Bands

Yes, I said it, ask other bands to help you promote! This is a great way to draw new faces to the crowd. When other bands are performing, ask them to tell the audience about your upcoming show. Chances are people in the audience are going to want to check out the band that their favorite artists are talking about. This word of mouth networking is something that has proven to be very effective. More