Inexpensive Stocking Stuffers for Women

Treat the woman in your life to a wow-worthy stocking stuffer without breaking the bank. Here are 19 inexpensive stocking stuffer ideas worth considering.

Lotion Bar

Lotion Bar
Lotion Bar. Photo courtesy of

Slip a fancy, scented lotion bar into her stocking. A perfumed lotion bar is just the thing to soothe dry, itchy, winter skin.

Boot Socks

Close up of girl wearing colorful socks and boots
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Tall boots require tall socks or leg warmers. Pick out a couple of pairs of fun socks or warmers that will keep her warm during the cold months.

A Tea Towel Calendar

Tea Towel Calendar
Tea Towel Calendar. Photo courtesy of

While electronic calendars are all the rage, why not purchase a tea towel calendar for the coming year? When the next year rolls around and the calendar has lost its usefulness, the towel will still serve a purpose.

Jewelry Cleaner

Jewelry Cleaner
Jewelry Cleaner. Photo Courtesy of

Drop a container of jewelry cleaner into her stocking so she can return her jewelry to its original sparkle. Be sure to purchase an all-purchase cleaner that can be used in gold, silver, or bronze.

A Travel Candle

Buddhist lotus prayer candle
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If the woman in your life is a candle lover who likes to travel then treat her to a travel candle. There's always room to toss a small candle tin in a suitcase and this way she can indulge her candle habit even when she's on the road. 

Lip Balm

Eos Lip Balm
Eos Lip Balm. Photo Courtesy of

Surprise her with a new tube of Eos lip balm. These lip balms are all-natural and they come in a fun, round container that's bright red and easy to find at the bottom of a purse.


Journal. Photo Courtesy of

Journalling is all the rage right now. Select a leather or brightly colored journal for her to jot down her thoughts, or choose a new planner for the coming year.

Colorful Pens

Close-Up Of Colorful Felt Tip Pens On Table Against White Background
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Pick up a pack of colorful pens for her to use in her planner and journal.

Garden Gloves

Garden Gloves
Garden Gloves. Photo Courtesy of

It may be cold outside now, but the garden season is only a couple of months away. Tuck a new pair of garden gloves in her stocking so she'll be ready to dig into the dirt once spring arrives.


Seeds. Photo Courtesy of

Another stocking stuffer that will have her looking forward to warmer days are seeds. Hand-pick an assortment of her favorite vegetables or buy a  pre-selected variety pack.

Address Stamp

Address Embosser
Address Embosser. Photo Courtesy of

Have an embosser made with her name and address on it for mailing birthday cards and thank you notes. An address stamp will not only save her time, it will make her mail look fancier.

A Coloring Book

Adult Coloring Books
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Roll up an adult coloring book and tuck it in her stocking, along with a pack of colored pencils or markers. Coloring is a fun way to de-stress or pass the time when you're stuck in the waiting room of a doctor's office.

A Magazine Subscription

A Magazine Subscription
A Magazine Subscription. Photo Courtesy of

Purchase a gift subscription to a magazine you think she'll enjoy whether it's a fashion magazine, home magazine, or literary magazine.

Hair Elastics

Hair Elastics
Hair Elastics. Photo Courtesy of

If she has long hair, you can't go wrong with a pack of hair elastics. Because they always seem to disappear, this is one item you can never have too many of.

Triple-Milled Soap

Triple-Milled Soap
Triple-Milled Soap. Photo Courtesy of

Encourage her to unwind and de-stress by sliding a bar of triple-milled soap (or a bottle of bubble bath) into her stocking. 

High-Quality Chocolate

High-Quality Chocolate
High-Quality Chocolate. Photo Courtesy of

Treat her taste buds to a bar or box of quality chocolate. Green & Black is a sure winner.

Note Cards

Note Cards
Note Cards. Photo Courtesy of

Replenish her stash of blank note cards. Despite email and texting, people still enjoy words on paper and beautiful stationery is always appreciated.

Recipe Cards

Recipe Cards
Recipe Cards. Photo Courtesy of

If she likes to cook, purchase a quality set of recipe cards for her stocking.

Gourmet Hot Chocolate Mix

Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate. Photo Courtesy of

Spoil her with a top-shelf hot chocolate mix from a chocolate maker like Ghiradelli or Godiva. Purchase dark chocolate, which is richer than milk chocolate, for an extra special treat.