Chase's Mobile App for Android

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In the era of smartphones, a visit to the bank's local branch is hardly ever necessary. From depositing checks, to reviewing transactions, to moving around money in your retirement accounts—there's an app for that.

If you're a Chase customer, the app for you is "Chase Mobile." The app is available for both iOS and Android phones. Here's what Android users can expect.

Chase Mobile App Features

After logging in, all Chase accounts are presented individually with the current balance displayed. You can tap any of these accounts to get more detailed information. You'll also see common services like "pay bill" listed alongside any relevant accounts.

Tap on the menu logo in the upper lefthand corner of the screen to open the navigation menu. The features in the navigation menu do the following tasks:

  • Accounts: If you're using the default version of the app, this will take you back to the home screen, where you will see your basic account information. From there, you can tap on an account to get more detailed information.
  • ATM & branch: Find a physical location to access your Chase accounts by tapping on this menu option.
  • Chase QuickPay: This is where you can send money to someone who also uses Chase QuickPay. You will need either the email address or phone number for the recipient. If the recipient doesn't have a Chase QuickPay account, you can use a standard wire transfer.
  • Deposit checks: Snap a photo of a check and enter the amount to use Chase QuickDeposit to instantly deposit the check to your checking or savings account.
  • Open an account: This is where you'll go when you want to expand your services with Chase.
  • Open an investment account: Chase makes it easy to invest through its app. Below this feature, you'll find tools for investors like "new to investing" and "learning & insights."
  • Pay bills: This will take you through the steps required to pay bills. Before using this feature, you must visit and enroll in Chase Online Bill Pay.
  • Transfer money: Move money between your Chase accounts using this feature. For example, you could move money from your savings account to your checking account.
  • Wire transfer: If the other end of the transaction doesn't use Chase QuickPay, this is the feature you'll use to send or request money.

Get Account Alerts and Messages

You can get alerts on your Android mobile device for any of your Chase accounts. To set this up, tap on the profile icon in the upper righthand corner of the homepage, then select "Manage Alerts." Select the account you want to set up an alert for, then customize your alert. For example, you can set up a push alert to warn you when an account balance dips below a preset amount. You could also get alerts for bill payments or deposit confirmations.

The secure message center option is where you can securely send and receive messages with Chase. If you have an unread message, you'll see a number next to this selection.

Chase Mobile App Security

The app uses strong 128-bit encryption for all data and messages. They are then decrypted by the app on your phone. You will receive a temporary identification code to use the app for the first time. This is part of Chase's multifactor authentication, which is another security measure. The Chase app does not store any of your financial or personal data on your phone, and other apps cannot access it.

How to Start Using the Chase Mobile App

As of March 2015, you can create a user name and password directly from the Chase Mobile app. If you are using another version of the app, you must enroll through to use the mobile app. If you don't have an online banking account set up for your Chase accounts, go to, find the login box, and select "Not enrolled? Sign up now."

Once you have an online account, use the same user name and password to log into the app. The first time you use the app, you will specify which Chase accounts you want to use with the app. After that, you will receive instructions for requesting a temporary identification code via phone, text message, or email. You need to use that temporary identification code to log on through the app the first time you use the app.

The app will log you off automatically if you don't use it for 12 minutes. This is for security purposes. If you forget to log off, Chase will do it for you.