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Charles Schwab:

“Come to Schwab's doors with an open mind, because you're going to leave here with a lot more knowledge than when you came in.”  Alyssa Parker, Schwab 2013 intern hired as a full-time Schwab Associate, Client Services.

Charles Schwab has been a leader in financial services for more than three decades. The company has worked to make investing more affordable, more accessible and more understandable to the general public.

  They have more than 325 branches with approximately 1,200 financial consultants, $188.4 billion enrolled in advisory solutions, and over $2.5 trillion in managed client assets.  Schwab has provided more than 100,000 financial plans to date.  Competitors include Fidelity Investments, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Ameritrade, E*Trade, Bain & Company, Lehman Brothers, and Merrill Lynch.

Charles Schwab is also actively involved in its’ communities through the Charles Schwab Foundation's Money Matters: Make It Count Program in partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of America which teaches teens basic money management skills to help them learn how to save, spend, and invest wisely.  Over 500,000 teens have completed the program with over $470,000 awarded in college scholarships as of early 2014.  They also created the Schwab MoneyWise website and workshops to help the average family tackle the topic of money management with hands-on tools and language that's clear, straightforward and engaging.

 In addition, they teamed up with AARP Foundation to develop Finances 50+, an educational program that gives seniors the skills and tools to reduce debt, repair credit, and build savings.

For interns, the Schwab Intern Academy ranks among the top internship programs in financial services for 2015 and is considered among the top of all intern programs according to a survey by

  Vault’s 2015 Rankings placed Schwab #5 among Best Financial Services Internship and #25 in Best Overall Internships. 

Locations:  Austin, TX; Chicago, IL; Cleveland, OH; Denver, CO; Indianapolis, IN; Orlando, FL; Phoenix, AZ; Raleigh, NC; and San Francisco, CA

Average Intern Salary: $17 to $18.25 per hour

Internship Pick of the Week: Schwab Intern Academy

The Schwab Intern Academy is a 9-week summer program that offers an impactful summer experience, engaging upcoming graduates while delivering high value results to the business. It also gives interns a great opportunity for entry into the financial services industry. 

Schwab employs a holistic approach of business-specific experiences and a shared learning curriculum in which interns work on meaningful projects that contribute to Schwab's success.

Schwab Intern Academy provides juniors, rising seniors, and graduate students the opportunity to experience Schwab’s culture of service while challenging themselves through a structured combination of learning programs, team-building activities, networking opportunities, and edifying work projects. 

The Intern Academy:

  • Offers a meaningful summer experience by working on real business projects that help Schwab meet their clients' needs
  • Provides a holistic, cohesive and structured blend of business-specific experiences (business tracks) and a shared learning curriculum (cohorts) 
  • Business tracks are meaningful projects that contribute to Schwab's success
  • Cohort groups meet together to learn about and discuss Schwab's purpose, brand, and focus on client advocacy and community service; about Schwab's values and culture.  It focuses on how identify and leverage personal strengths in a professional environment; how to spend, manage, and invest your money wisely; and tips on how to plan your career journey
  • Cohorts perform many group activities together, including real Schwab business case development and volunteering in the community
  • Each Schwab intern is supported by a direct leader, a peer mentor, and human resource professionals, and also has connections with senior leaders

    Schwab looks for intern candidates who are driven, curious, innovative, optimistic, adaptable, and who believe in the value of partnership.

    The 2015 Schwab Intern Academy includes positions in Retirement Plan Services, Technology, Stock Plan Services, Asset Management, Finance, Audit and Schwab Bank. 


    • Students must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program
    • Planned graduation between December 2015 and May/June 2016
    • Ability to work full time and on-site at Schwab during the 9-week program
    • Specific skills as needed by Business Track 

    How to Apply:

    Find a Schwab recruiting event near you. Prepare yourself by preparing a professional resume and cover letter prior to meeting with a representative from Schwab.