Carrying Frugal February Through the Year

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As February wraps up, take the time to see how your Frugal February Challenge went this year. It is a great time to consider the habits that you have picked up over this month and to consider how they can go throughout the year even though frugal February is over. Taking the challenge with you can help you to continue saving over the next year. Consider the following things to see if you can continue the challenge.

Can You Keep the Goal You Made in February for the Rest of Year?

You had a month to create new habits, and you may be able to carry those habits with you for the entire year. You may choose to modify them a bit, for example, it is not practical to have a spending fast the entire year, but you may choose a category each month where you stop spending money for that month. This small savings can add up for the year. My challenge this year was to cook at home for the entire month. There were two times we ate out. The benefits for my family were more than just monetary, and it is a habit I plan on carrying with me throughout the entire year. We saved money and we feel better overall.

What Can You Do Without?

Often a frugal challenge or a spending fast helps you realize the things that you can cut without really feeling it. It can also show you the things that you are willing to make a splurge on.

Take the time at the end of the challenge to reflect on the things that you missed the most, and the things that you did not really miss at all, and then see how you can organize your budget to better match your new priorities. When you do this you can make lasting changes without feeling like you are doing without.

You may decide you need the television package, but that you can cut back on eating out, or it may be the opposite. The key is to find the ways that you feel comfortable saving.

Can You Do a Savings Challenge Each Month?

Give yourself the challenge this year to save an extra fifty dollars each month. If you are actively looking for ways to save, and then increasing it each month, you may be surprised at how you can find the extra money in your budget a little bit at a time. Each month this year, try to save more than the month before. It may not always work, but you will be surprised at how much you have saved by the end of the year.

Can You Try Weekly Challenges Throughout the Year?

A weekly challenge may be a great way to make some changes in your spending habits this year. You can try a new challenge each week like cutting back on your grocery bill by fifty dollars one week, and limiting your entertainment spending the next week. The mini-challenges are easier to complete over time, and may make it easier for you to save throughout the year.

It may be as easy as shopping at the new discount grocery store one week to see if it will work for you. Try shopping with a list one week or planning your menus for the entire week. Another option is to pack your work lunches for the week. Each little thing you can do can help you try things that can save you money. If you change your smaller daily habits, you can have a big impact on your overall budget and spending. 

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