Careers That Require an Ability to Memorize Information

Jobs for People With a Good Memory

Can you easily memorize information? If you can remember, and then recall when needed, information including facts, figures and procedures, you have at least one of the abilities required to succeed at these 11 careers. Of course, you will still need to do your research to find out if you have the other required abilities and skills, and whether these occupations are a good match for your personality type, interests and work-related values.

Performer: Actor, Singer, Musician and Dancer

String on finger as a reminder
You won't need this if you have a good memory. Angelo Cavalli / age fotostock / Getty Images

Actors, singers, musicians and dancers use their talent to entertain others. Memorizing lines, lyrics, music or dance steps are all part of a performer's job. Without a good memory it is impossible to succeed in this highly competitive field. More

EMT and Paramedic

EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) and paramedics provide onsite emergency care to individuals who suddenly become ill or who are injured. Since time is always of the essence when responding to an emergency, EMTs and paramedics must quickly be able to recall procedures they learned in training. More


Teachers help students learn and apply concepts in a variety of subjects. Not only must they memorize massive amounts of material that they will in turn impart to their students, they also have to be able to recall the best techniques for doing so. In addition teachers have to remember their students' names and their individual characteristics. More

Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineers use their knowledge of engineering, soil science, chemistry and biology to solve problems in the environment. They must be able to easily recall scientific and engineering principals and procedures to deal with public health issues, pollution control and recycling. More


When presiding over trials and hearings including civil disputes and criminal cases, judges make sure they are handled fairly according to the law. To do this they must have a very good working knowledge of what the laws are in the municipality in which the court is located. More

Registered Nurse

Registered nurses provide medical care and advice to ill or injured individuals. They have a large repository of knowledge that they must be able to access, often under extreme pressure. Not only must they remember what treatment protocols to follow, they must be able to carefully follow the procedures of the facility in which they work. More

Funeral Director

Funeral directors help families plan funerals. They make plans for wakes, services and burials, and arrange transportation for the deceased and their next of kin. Funeral directors also file required paperwork with government agencies. In addition to recalling all the procedures they must follow, they must also keep track of who's who in the deceased person's family. More


Electricians install and maintain electrical components, including wiring and fuses, in homes and businesses. They must be able to remember and access basic information about electricity. Electricians must be able to recall how to do installations safely and according to national and local codes.  More

Athletic Coach

Athletic coaches teach professional and amateur athletes the fundamentals of various sports. A good memory allows them to remember rules, as well as the details about the players on their teams as well as opposing teams. More


Biochemists study living organisms' chemical composition. Before you begin to work in this field your memory will be put to the test. Biochemistry majors spend a lot of time memorizing molecular structures and reactions. More

Sales Representative

Sales representatives' knowledge about the products and services they sell contributes greatly to their success. They must demonstrate products to customers and convince them of how they will benefit from them. They must also know their customers and be able to recall details about them during a sales call or presentation. More